• Ukrainian Youth and Junior Sambo Championships Breaks the Records

Ukrainian Youth and Junior Sambo Championships Breaks the Records

6 February 2018 Aleksandr Solomahin
Ukrainian Youth and Junior Sambo Championships Breaks the Records

On February 2-4 Ukrainian Youth and Junior Sambo Championships took place in Kharkiv. Athletes aged under 18 and under 20 took part in the competitions. The sambists were contending not only for medals of the national championships but also for the right to represent Ukraine at the European Youth and Junior Sambo Championships in Prague.

Молодежный чемпионат Украины по самбо ставит рекорды

The organizers say the first national tournament of the season proved record-setting. Thus, approximately 600 athletes from 24 regions of the country took part in the championships. The very first day of the tournament showed the impressive scale of the event, as the fights at the Yaroslav the Wise National Academy of Law Sporting Centre had started at 10 am and finished only around 10 pm.

Молодежный чемпионат Украины по самбо ставит рекорды

For leadership in the team event, teams of Kharkiv, Odessa, and Dnepropetrovsk Oblasts, as well as the one of Kiev, had been customarily contending. Together, they won more than half of all prizes. All in all, representatives of 21 regions of Ukraine got on the podium.

Молодежный чемпионат Украины по самбо ставит рекорды

‘There had been a lot of interesting fights, both in the upshot and in substance. Coaches of the youth team Sergei Shpilev and Vadim Skripal have got quite sufficient information on the physical condition of the main candidates for the team membership,’ stressed Vadim Rogach, President of the National Sambo Federation of Ukraine.

Молодежный чемпионат Украины по самбо ставит рекорды

He also emphasized the massive scale of the competitions. By the results of the tournament, the Federation now considers an option for separating championships for the under 18 and under 20 age groups. This would allow organizers, referees, and participants to optimize their performance by avoiding extra pressure.

Молодежный чемпионат Украины по самбо ставит рекорды

‘We’re heading in the right direction, as evidenced by the total number of participants and wide representation of the country regions. I think that due to the ‘SAMBO to Each and Every School’ project our sport would build up momentum even further. Almost all the country regions are showing increasing interest in this project, and markedly, initiatives belong not only to school heads but also to teachers of physical training,’ said Vadim Rogach.

Молодежный чемпионат Украины по самбо ставит рекорды

According to him, the project evokes an enthusiastic response in large cities and small settlements alike. For one, a practical seminar took place in Khmelnytskyi in December, while in January it was given in Kamyanka, Kakhovsky Region, Kherson Oblast.

Молодежный чемпионат Украины по самбо ставит рекорды

Team classification (under 20 years)

1. Odesskaya oblast' 
2. Kiyev
3. Khar'kovskaya oblast' 

Juniors (W)

44 kg
1. Yekaterina SABLEVA (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast')
2. Anna TANTSYURA (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast')
3. Yekaterina NOVITSKAYA (Kiyev) i Yelizaveta DIDORENKO (Sumskaya oblast')

48 kg
1. Valeriya PETROVA (Nikolayevskaya oblast')
2. Ilona NAZARCHUK (Rovenskaya oblast')
3. Alla BEGEBA (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast') i Valentina NOVITSKAYA (Kiyev)

52 kg
1. Anastasiya BEZATOSNAYA (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
2.Anastasiya PEREKHREST (Kiyev)
3. Valeriya SIBRU (Odesskaya oblast')

56 kg
1. Aleksandra GIDIRYM (Odesskaya oblast')
2. Viktoriya BAL'ZHIK (Odesskaya oblast')
3. Mariya MIKOLYUK (Kiyev) i Mariya CHERVAN' (Rovenskaya oblast')

60 kg
1. Mar'yana MIKHAYLOVA (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
2. Vladislava NETSVIT (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
3. Lidiya VASHCHENKO (Zhitomirskaya oblast') i Yekaterina PAUSTOVSKAYA (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast')

64 kg
1. Polina MIKHAYSKA (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast')
2. Yekaterina SKORAYA (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast')
3. Anna KRASOTA (Kiyev) i Kristina STRIZHKINA (Nikolayevskaya oblast')

68 kg
1. Viktoriya GAPON (Zhitomirskaya oblast')
2. Salome AKHALAYA (Kiyev)

72 kg
1. Yekaterina MOSKALEVA (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast')
2. Valeriya GRECHKO (Odesskaya oblast')
3. Aleksandra SIRENKO (Odesskaya oblast') i Anna ANTIKALO (Nikolayevskaya oblast')

80 kg
1. Yana SPIL'NA (Nikolayevskaya oblast')
2. Yana BORSUK (Rovenskaya oblast')
3. Galina MAKSIMENYUK (Vinnitskaya oblast') i Anastasiya KRIGINA (Kiyev)

+80 kg
1. Mariya MERKULOVA (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast')
2. Yelizaveta GORB (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast')

Juniors (M)

48 kg
1. Vitaliy TERENT'YEV (Nikolayevskaya oblast')
2. Vitaliy TKACHENKO (Nikolayevskaya oblast')
3. Andrey FILIP (Odesskaya oblast')

52 kg
1. Dmitriy STREMENOVSKIY (Kiyev)
2. Vladislav PSHENICHNYY (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
3. Denis ARTIMCHUK (Odesskaya oblast') i Gevorg MANUKYAN (Odesskaya oblast') 

57 kg
1. Dil'shot KHALMATOV (Kiyev)
2. Safgulu KHALILOV (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
3. Viktor YAKOVLEV (Odesskaya oblast') i German KOLGUSHKIN (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast')

62 kg
1. Artur MARTIROSYAN (Kiyev)
2. Aleksandr SPIVAK (Odesskaya oblast')
3. Vladislav CHABANOV (Nikolayevskaya oblast') i Artem MIGOTIN (Odesskaya oblast') 

68 kg
1. Zaur UZHUYEV (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
2. Dmitriy NAGORNYY (Sumskaya oblast')
3. Daniil DROZD (Khar'kovskaya oblast') i Gleb LUBYANKO (Khar'kovskaya oblast')

74 kg
1. Daniil SHEVCHENKO (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast')
2. Denis KULENKO (Vinnitskaya oblast')
3. Vladimir KIRICHENKO (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast') i Daniil MALEVANYY (Donetskaya oblast')

82 kg
1. Dmitriy TSYUKH (Kiyev)
2. Artur YEFREMOV (Cherkasskaya oblast')
3. Dmitriy KALYUZHNIY (Odesskaya oblast') i Vladislav GRINCHUK (Zhitomirskaya oblast')

90 kg
1. Yaroslav DAVIDCHUK (L'vovskaya oblast')
2. Andrey DYACHENKO (Odesskaya oblast')
3. Maksim RIZNIK (Khar'kovskaya oblast') i Sergey MOLODYK (Kiyev)

100 kg
1. Aleksey MOISEYEV (Kiyev)
2. Yevgeniy VEGERA (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
3. Pavel CHISTOBORODOV (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast') i Igor' KOKHAN (Kiyevskaya oblast') 

+100 kg
1. Vladislav BEREZKA (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
2. Georgiy DIL' (Odesskaya oblast')
3. Yevgeniy PANYUKHNO (Kiyev) i Vladislav ZHEVZHIK (Khar'kovskaya oblast') 

Juniors (Combat SAMBO)

48 kg
1. Vladimir CHORNYY (Kiyev)
2. Andrey FILIP (Odesskaya oblast')
3. Vitaliy TKACHENKO (Nikolayevskaya oblast')

52 kg
1. Denis ARTIMCHUK (Odesskaya oblast')
2. Dzhafar ISKENDEROV (Kiyev)
3. Leonid KAMENYUKA (Khar'kovskaya oblast')

57 kg
1. Viktor YAKOVLEV (Odesskaya oblast')
2. Konstantin LIKHOL'OT (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
3. Nikolay DUDNIK (Vinnitskaya oblast') i Aleksandr BORZILO (Khar'kovskaya oblast') 

62 kg
1. Vladislav KOKHNENKO (Odesskaya oblast')
2. Dmitriy KISELEV (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
3. Soltan VELIYEV (Volynskaya oblast') i Vladislav CHATANOV (Nikolayevskaya oblast')

68 kg
1. Daniil PIGUL' (Kiyev)
2. Dmitriy LASTOVETSKIY (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
3. Vladimir KINDYUK (Odesskaya oblast') i Vladimir DYACHUK (Volynskaya oblast')

74 kg
1. Stepan SAMKOV (Rovenskaya oblast')
2. Roman YATSEVICH (Odesskaya oblast')
3. Bogdan KOSOVAN (Ternopol'skaya oblast') i Daniil SHELOFAST (Volynskaya oblast') 

82 kg
1. Vadim LOS' (Zhitomirskaya oblast')
2. Andrey FURSENKO (Odesskaya oblast')
3. Stanislav KIPTILYY (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast')

90 kg
1. Il'ya LUPINOV (Kiyev)
2. Oleg LOZOVOY (Donetskaya oblast')
3. Dmitriy ARNAUTOV (Kiyev) i Maksim PROKOPENKO (Odesskaya oblast')

100 kg
1. Vladimir LIKHOBABA (Donetskaya oblast')
2. Ivan KASKEVICH (Odesskaya oblast')

+100 kg
1. Yevgeniy PANYUKHNO (Kiyev) 

Team classification (under 18 years)

1. Khar'kovskaya oblast'
2. Kiyev
3. Dnepropetrovskaya oblast' 

Youth (W)

40 kg
1. Yekaterina GRIGORENKO (Vinnitskaya oblast')

44 kg
1. Vesna GOCHEVA (Khersonskaya oblast')
2. Yekaterina NOVITS'KA (Kiyev)
3. Yuliya BURLAK (Vinnitskaya oblast') i Irina GLUSHKO (Vinnitskaya oblast')

48 kg
1. Alla BEGEBA (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast')
2. Valeriya PETROVA (Nikolayevskaya oblast')
3. Valeriya SOKOLENKO (Zhitomirskaya oblast') i Ruslana PEREKHREST (Kiyev)

52 kg
1. Anastasiya PEREKHREST (Kiyev)
2. Snezhana PLISH (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast')
3. Irina OGLI (Khar'kovskaya oblast') i Al'bina GRISHINA (Khar'kovskaya oblast')

56 kg
1. Viktoriya BAL'ZHIK (Odesskaya oblast')
2. Viktoriya SMALIY (Luganskaya oblast')
3. Milana CHOPENKO (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast') i Viktoriya LUSHCHENKO (Khar'kovskaya oblast')

60 kg
1. Yekaterina PAUSTOVSKAYA (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast')
2. Viktoriya POPOVICH (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast')
3. Viktoriya POLYAKOVA (Khar'kovskaya oblast') i Nataliya PERESUN'KO (Odesskaya oblast')

65 kg
1. Oksana SALOVA (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
2. Ivanna PROTSUN (Zhitomirskaya oblast')
3. Dar'ya ZAKOPAYLO (Luganskaya oblast') i Vitalina PETUKHOVA (Luganskaya oblast')

70 kg
1. Vladislava TOROPTSEVA (Cherkasskaya oblast')
2. Svetlana TISKO (Zhitomirskaya oblast')
3. Lidiya ZINCHENKO (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast') i Emiliya KAMERON (Zhitomirskaya oblast')

75 kg
1. Irina LOGOYDA (Odesskaya oblast')
2. Anastasiya DODOSEVA (Odesskaya oblast')
3. Yana TARAS (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast') i Yana BORSUK (Rovenskaya oblast')

+75 kg
1. Mariya MERKULOVA (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast')
2. Yekaterina CHOVGUN (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast')
3. Anastasiya BEZATOSNAYA (Khar'kovskaya oblast')

Youth (M)

48 kg
1. Daniil MOVCHAN (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
2. Vladimir TKACHENKO (Nikolayevskaya oblast')
3. Georgiy KURKOYED (Odesskaya oblast') i Daniil KALMYKOV (Khar'kovskaya oblast')

52 kg
1. Anatoliy KULIBABA (Vinnitskaya oblast')
2. Nikita CHIKARDA (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
3. Rostislav KHOPTA (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast') i Aleksandr TYUL'KIN (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast')

56 kg
1. Denis TUPITSKIY (Kiyev)
2. Nikolay KULIBABA (Vinnitskaya oblast')
3. Daniil ISAYENKO (Khar'kovskaya oblast') i Vladimir AMELIN (Donetskaya oblast')

60 kg
1. Denis RAYEVSKIY (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
2. Danilo VEGIYEV (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
3. Sergey SAGAYDAKOV (Donetskaya oblast') i Artur MARTIROSYAN (Kiyev)

65 kg
1. Roman TRUSH (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
2. Mikhaylo SVIDRAK (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast')
3. Maksim STANILOGA (Kiyevskaya oblast') i Sergey IVANOV (Odesskaya oblast')

70 kg
1. Artem STANILOGA (Kiyevskaya oblast')
2. Aleksey MALETS (Kiyevskaya oblast')
3. Semen ROMANOV (Khar'kovskaya oblast') i Denis KIZIMENKO (Khar'kovskaya oblast')

75 kg
1. Nazar SHADRIN (Khersonskaya oblast')
2. Igor STETS' (L'vovskaya oblast')
3. Mikhail SHAPOVALOV (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast') i Denis KUTELIYA (Donetskaya oblast')

81 kg
1. Mikhail SABODASH (Kiyevskaya oblast')
2. Vadim LOS' (Zhitomirskaya oblast')
3. Stanislav SERGEYCHUK (Khmel'nitskaya oblast') i Danilo SITNYUK (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast')

87 kg
1. Sergey BILETS (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
2. Sergey MOLODYK (Kiyev)
3. Daniil KARLOV (Chernigovskaya oblast') i Il'ya DYUK (Odesskaya oblast')

+87 kg
1. Yegor LEONOV (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
2. Igor' KOKHAN (Kiyevskaya oblast')
3. Igor' BASANETS (Sumskaya oblast') i Vadim VELKOV (Kirovogradskaya oblast') 

Youth (Combat SAMBO)

48 kg
1. Andrey MARMIL' (Zhitomirskaya oblast')
2. Vladimir CHORNYY (Kiyev)
3. Andrey KOLONTAY (Vinnitskaya oblast') i Aleksandr KLAPSHA (Volynskaya oblast')

52 kg
1. Gevorg MANUKYAN (Odesskaya oblast')
2. Dzhafar ISKENDEROV (Kiyev)
3. Andrey MISYUK (Volynskaya oblast') i Vladimir TKACHENKO (Nikolayevskaya oblast')

56 kg
1. Daniil GOMELA (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
2. Konstantin LIKHOLET (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
3. Vitaliy NOSOK (Zhitomirskaya oblast') i Grigoriy ONISHCHUK (Volynskaya oblast')

60 kg
1. Vadim KUCHERENKO (Khersonskaya oblast')
2. Zakhar LYULIN (Donetskaya oblast')
3. Daniil ROZOLENKO (Khar'kovskaya oblast') i Bogdan SHERSHEN' (L'vovskaya oblast')

65 kg
1. Kirill KRASNIKOV (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
2. Yegor ANTONYUK (Vinnitskaya oblast')
3. Dmitriy KOTELIN (Kiyev) i Sergey IVANOV (Odesskaya oblast')

70 kg
1. Nikita CHERVYAKOV (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
2. Yevgeniy SHCHEPILOV (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
3. Dmitriy LASTOVETSKIY (Khar'kovskaya oblast') i Daniil VITENKO (Kiyev)

75 kg
1. Denis KUTELIYA (Donetskaya oblast')
2. Bogdan YAVORENKO (Zhitomirskaya oblast')
3. Yelisey SHKUTENKO (Khar'kovskaya oblast') i Aleksey DYACHENKO (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast')

81 kg
1. Vadim LOS' (Zhitomirskaya oblast')
2. Konstantin KAMINSKIY (Kiyev)

87 kg
1. Sergey MOLODYK (Kiyev)
2. Zakhar LITVINENKO (Donetskaya oblast')
3. Vladislav GRECHANIK (Vinnitskaya oblast')

+87 kg
1. Yevgeniy PANYUKHNO (Kiyev)
2. Igor' OVCHAR (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast')

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