Beach SAMBO in the Serbian style

12 August 2014 Sergei Grishin
Beach SAMBO in the Serbian style

Beautiful Serbian beach Strand in Novi Sad is very popular among tourists. They go there to lie in the sun and swim in the warm waters. Since August this year visits to the Strand beach have got new goals. SAMBO athletes and those who are just interested in it have got an opportunity to engage in SAMBO outdoors in the recreational area.

Throughout August SAMBO mat will be waiting for all comers in a specially equipped place under one of the bridges. Every day SAMBO athletes from the local club, who are willing to demonstrate their skills to all comers, and even teach them the basics of SAMBO, train on it. But even if the restings hesitate to go out on the mat along with the professionals of the sport, like SAMBO, they will remember it for a long time.

In addition to attracting new SAMBO fans, the Strand beach has become a part of a summer camp for young SAMBO. Guys are actively engaged in combat sport, to manifest themselves on a high level then. The event is organised by Consul of Novi Sad on Youth and Sports Affairs and the Ministry of Serbia on Youth and Sports Affairs.

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