• Results of Sambo World Cup stage in prizes of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbaev

Results of Sambo World Cup stage in prizes of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbaev

10 August 2012 Sergei Grishin

Last weekend, the Sambo World Cup stage in prizes of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev was carried out in the city of Uralsk (Kazakhstan) - the first of four Sambo World Cup stages in this year.

230 athletes from 15 countries of the world took part in competitions on SAMBO carpets of Uralsk. They could compete for the first score points in the World Cup 2012. This year the prize funds will be held amongst all the winners and awardees in every weight category in competitions amongst men and women. The gold winners shall be granted with $ 3,000, silver winners - $ 1,500, and the bronze winners - $ 750.

Team of Kazakhstan won first place (7gold, 10 silver and 22 bronze medals). The second place won team of Russia, the third - team of Georgia.

In the first day of the tournament, Uali Kurzhev (Russia), the World Champion 2011 in the weight 74 kg, has managed to win 7 score points awarded for the 1st place in the World Cup stage, and during the previous World Cup he finished second. Kazakh athlete Arman Abeuov has taken the top step of podium in the competition amongst heavyweights, having outplayed Russian athlete Maxim Shiryaev. The final of the category 90 kg was reached by a Russian - Mairbek Abdullaev has outmatched his compatriot, Viktor Osipenko. In the lightest category amongst men - 52 kg, a Kazakh athlete Bolatbek Raimkulov gladdened his compatriots, and in the weight 62 kg Bagdat Zarilgassov won the gold for the country - host of the World Cup.

Amongst women, Marina Kormiltseva (Russia), the acting World Champion (she was the first in the World Cup Event held last year, but in another weight category - 68 kg), has managed to have a victory in the 72 kg weight category and gained the score points which shall get her closer to the precious World Cup. Another Russian athlete Olga Usoltseva, the silver prize holder of the World Cup in Vilnius, has reached the top step in the weight of 64 kg. In other weight categories - the lightest - 48 kg, and the heaviest - over 80 kg, the Russians were victorious as well - both Elena Bondareva and Elena Khasimova.

In combat SAMBO, weight category 62 kg, the Kazakhs have taken the podium, and Medet Sagindikov took the top step. On the second day of competition amongst women in the weight category of 60 kg, Ekaterina Onoprienko, Champion of the First SportAccord Combat Games 2010 in Beijing and the leader of the last-year cup event, began yet another march for the World Cup, outmatching her compatriot, Anastasiya Shinkarenko, in the final.

In addition, in other weight categories amongst women, Russian sportswomen have distinguished themselves - Liliya Valeyeva (up to 52 kg, 9th place in the last-year cup rating), Margarita Gurtsieeva (68 kg) and Ekaterina Yeshiva (80 kg, 5th place in the last-year cup rating). Amongst men in the category of 57 kg, the victory and first scores were taken by Erbotal Baybatyrov from Kazakhstan - four-time World Champion. In the categories of 68 kg and 100 kg the lead was taken by Russians, Vladimir Balykov and Eduard Kurgenyan respectively (3rd place in the last-year cup rating). The winner of the World Championship 2011 in Vilnius was Vitaly Uin, in Uralsk he tried his hand in a heavier category; he took the 3rd place and 3 score points in the World Cup rating.

There was no match for a Georgian athlete Niko Kutsia in the weight of 82 (7th place in the last-year cup rating). In combat SAMBO competition (weight category of 82 kg), the first step of the podium was taken by Rustambek Dzhirenshiev from Kazakhstan, who overpowered his compatriot Edilbek Saribyev in the final.

The first World Cup stage this year is complete. Already in 2 months, the best sambo athletes of the world will gather in Moscow (Russia) at the World Cup stage "Memorial of A. Kharlampiev", which shall be carried out from March 24 till March 27 at Sports Palace "Friendship"

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