• SAMBO is a Science of Winning: presentation of new book

SAMBO is a Science of Winning: presentation of new book

23 October 2012 Sergei Grishin
SAMBO is a Science of Winning: presentation of new book

Fedor Emelyanenko, Vasily Shestakov and Svetlana Eregina. What combined these people? It turned to be SAMBO, SAMBO is a Science of Winning. That is exactly the name of the book written by these people famous in the world of sports.

Presentation of the new book about SAMBO will be held on October 24 at 15.00 in Moscow House of Book, Moscow (Russia).

This book is not only a highly professional textbook for teachers, trainers and sportsmen but also entertaining reading for all who is interested in sport and wants to reveal maximum possibilities of body and spirit through SAMBO.

The history of SAMBO in Russia and in the world is presented in the book interestingly, recommendations are given on usage of different techniques of training to this single combat, process of competitive activities is examined in details, basic issues of the technique of combating SAMBO are shown and many others.

The legend of Judo, Olympic Champion and Multiple World Champion Mr. Yasukhiro Yamasita comments the publication of this book in the following words: This wonderful publication contains everything that is necessary to know about famous martial arts. I myself also participated in SAMBO lessons. When I was an active athlete, I studied SAMBO (which is based on Judo to some extent) trying to gain advantage over my competitors from Russia. Later I was greatly impressed by dynamic throws of SAMBO and difficult control methods of the competitor in lying combating.

Meeting with the authors of this new interesting book about SAMBO will be held at 8 Novy Arbat St.

We are waiting in the Moscow House of Book for all the followers of SAMBO, journalists and readers for whom this meeting with SAMBO may become a start or even continuation of interesting and entertaining relationships with the single combat that is working up the world very fast and storming the Olympic hills.

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