Belarusian SAMBO Cup was held in "Stayki"

26 September 2018 Aleksandr Solomahin
Belarusian SAMBO Cup was held in "Stayki"

On the 22-23 of September the competitions of the Belarusian SAMBO Cup took place in the Olympic sports complex "Stayki" (Minsk region). Awards of the tournament were played between men and women in sports SAMBO, as well as masters of combat SAMBO.

According to the decision of the Belarusian SAMBO Federation, the first numbers of the national sports SAMBO team did not take part in the Cup of the country. Thus, young athletes have a chance to prove themselves. But for combat sambists this tournament became a qualifier for the World SAMBO Championships, which will be held in November in Bucharest (Romania). The winners of the Cup in combat SAMBO got the right to represent Belarus at the main start of the season.


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