• [VIDEO] One day with world champion Maria Amulina Guedez

[VIDEO] One day with world champion Maria Amulina Guedez

20 June 2024 FIAS
[VIDEO] One day with world champion Maria Amulina Guedez

It is widely known that Maria Amulina Guedez is the first representative of a refugee team to become the world SAMBO champion. But only those closest to her know what an athlete’s typical day consists of. Especially for FIAS and the OneHumanity project, the champion made a video about her everyday routine, telling the story of her new life. In some moments it turned out very frankly...

World Refugee Day is an international day organized by the United Nations every year on 20 June. It was first established on 20 June 2001 in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees.

According to the UN Refugee Agency data, the end of 2023 saw a staggering 117.3 million people displaced worldwide, a number that surpasses any other time since the aftermath of World War II. This statistic underscores the magnitude of the global refugee crisis.

Elite sports have emerged as a powerful tool in assisting refugee athletes in their transitions. By providing opportunities to compete internationally and in their host countries, sports have not only empowered these athletes but also inspired many others. A shining example of this is the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) Refugee Team, which was established in 2016. This team, participating in the Olympic Games under the IOC flag, aims to 'send a message of hope to all the refugees in the world.'

Most elite refugee athletes experience various stages of transition, from feelings of hope and empowerment to difficulty adapting. However, social support from family, community members, and the sports community can ease this period for athletes.

The International SAMBO Federation asked Maria Amyulina Guedez, the first-ever World SAMBO Champion representing the refugee team, to record the day of her new life and answer some questions about her transition. Maria was very kind in sharing her story.

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