Spanish Federation of Olympic Wrestling and Associated Disciplines

Spain Spanish Federation of Olympic Wrestling and Associated Disciplines
  • Francisco Javier Iglesias Serna
    Francisco Javier Iglesias Serna President
  • Luis Gonzalez Moreno
    Luis Gonzalez Moreno Secretary General
  • Angel Luis Gimenez Bravo
    Angel Luis Gimenez Bravo Vice-president, Sambo Committee Chairman
Amos de Escalante, 12 Bajo, Madrid, 28017, Spain +34 914 06 16 66 +34 914 06 16 75

The Spanish Wrestling Federation was founded in Barcelona in 1932, since its foundation nine presidents have conducted the federation: Juan Torras (1932-1940), Francisco Jimenez (1940-1947), Agustin Ripol (1947-1956), Agustin Aznar (1956-1965), Heliodorus Ruiz (1965-1968), Fabian Vincent (1968-1971), Fernando Compte (1971-1984), Jose A. Garcia (1984-1996) and Angel Lopez Rojo (1996 – till now).

In its origins Spanish Federation had only Greco-Roman wrestling, after the Free Style wrestling, and later in 1974 SAMBO was incorporated in it. Fernando Compte, for many years being the head of the Spanish Federation of struggle, proposed to include in the Sambo wrestling styles practiced federation. So, in 1984, Fernando Compte creates the International Sambo Federation and becomes its first president.

Spain has a great tradition in two traditional types of wrestling - Leones wrestling and Canarian wrestling. Today besides Olympic Wrestling the Spanish Federation hosts SAMBO, Grappling, MMA, Beach wrestling, Leones wrestling and a great variety of related disciplines (Defense for police, female self-defense kravmaga etc.).

With the active participation of Fernando Compte and the Spanish Wrestling Federation a lot of international, continental and national tournaments were organized.

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