Korea Sambo Federation

Republic of Korea
Republic of Korea Korea Sambo Federation
  • Seongcheon Mun
    Seongcheon Mun President
  • Chanyoung Lee
    Chanyoung Lee Secretary General
  • Kihoon Kwon
    Kihoon Kwon Head of International Department
Republic of Korea, 31125, Chungcheongnam-do, Cheonan-si, Dongnam-gu, Sinbu 7-gil, 5-1, 2F +82 41 622 8856

Korea Sambo Federation (KSF) was established in 2003, member of Korean Sport & Olympic Committee since 2009. KSF has 17 regional branches, 60 gyms as members. 730 men and 85 women are members of KSF, there are 2500 sambists in Korea including children. List of awards:

- Bronze, Kim Kwangsup, World Championships 2009, Greece

- Gold, 3 Bronze, Asian Championships 2013, Korea

- Silver, Lee Sangsoo, World Championships 2015, Morocco

- 2 Silver, 2 Bronze, Asian Championships 2017, Uzbekistan 

- Gold, Ko Seokhyeon; Silver, Lee Sangsoo, World Championships 2017, Russia

- Silver, Cho Hyeongsoo; Bronze, Lee Jaehyeok, Asian Championships 2018, Mongolia

- 3 Bronze, Asian Championships 2019, India   

- Bronze, Shin Jaeyong, World Championships 2019, Korea

World Youth and Junior Championships was held in October 2014 in Seoul, World Championships – in November 2019 in Cheongju. FIAS President's Cup is held in Korea annually since 2015.

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