Huseyin Khaibulaev

Huseyin Khaibulaev

Huseyin Khaibulaev

Birth place: Bezhta, Tsuntinsky district, Dagestan, USSR

Achievements: 5-time world champion, 4-time European champion, 5-time World Cup winner, Honored Master of Sports of USSR

Couches: Rasul Aligadjiev, Gennady Potoroka, Vladimir Fotenko, Rudolf Baboyan

Fact: Gusein had several nicknames in sports: Rock, Iron Michael and Mr Sambo. His favorite techniques are a throw with capture of two legs (he previously engaged in freestyle wrestling) and a throw through the back.

“My motto? I aspire to be a decent person. It’s important for me to not cheat and betray."

Gusein Khaibulaev finished his sports career in 2000 when he was 39 years old. He left the big sports leaving behind a memory of himself as an undefeated wrestler and a master of the highest class. Currently Khaibulaev heads the Krasnodar school of the art of combat, combining the post of director with coaching. In Krasnodar since 2002 the All-Russian Sambo Tournament for the prizes of Gusein Khaibulaev is held.

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