Murat Ruslanovich Hasanov

Murat Ruslanovich Hasanov

Murat Ruslanovich Hasanov

Birth date: 10.12.1970

Birth place: Yegerukhai aul (Republic of Adygea)

Achievements: 11-time world heavyweight champion in SAMBO, 8-time winner of the World Cup, 7-time champion of Europe, 19-time Russian SAMBO champion, Honoured Master of Sports of Russia, Awarded with the Order of Friendship

Couches: Shikham Berzegov (first), Sergey Sebelev, Viktor Nevzorov, Arambiy Khapay

Fact: before SAMBO he practiced volleyball and football. Then the great judo and SAMBO couch Yakub Komboletovich Koblev noticed the young athlete. This acquaintance marked the beginning of Khasanov’s brilliant way

“The most difficult thing for a running champion is to prove your rights for a high title again and again”.

During 15 years of being absolute team leader, Murat Khasanov was always at competitions and trainings spending an average of 32 days a year at home. After sport career the great champion continues to do his favourite work and help his motherland. Khasanov is the Chairman of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sport of the Republic of Adygea.

Murat Ruslanovich has two higher educations: sports and legal.

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