7 Reasons to learn SAMBO

14 August 2012 Sergei Grishin
7 Reasons to learn SAMBO

1. SAMBO is a universal combat

If you are willing to successfully master the techniques of multiple sports and national martial arts as well as different self-defense systems just start practicing SAMBO. Over many years, enthusiasts carried out a thorough selection work to collect and harmoniously combine a host of elements to create on their basis a universal combat named SAMBO. Moreover, thanks to the unique teaching programmes SAMBO practitioners not only perfectly master stores of techniques, but also acquire the skills of successful tactical thinking on the mat.

2. SAMBO enables you to see the world

Having integrated the techniques of many national martial arts, SAMBO immediately became an international sport. Currently, the fans of this self-defense system have already appeared in more than 80 countries of the world, and they are constantly growing in number. Many countries held their national SAMBO Championships, and international tournaments held in different parts of the world are the high point to all wrestlers. That is why SAMBO practitioners travel quite a lot. And the fans are trying to keep up with them.

3. SAMBO helps to make real friends

The “spirit of partnership” associated with SAMBO is a kind of special club chosen by sportsmen playing in that wrestling style. The members of the club are united by friendship, solidarity and mutual assistance. The instructor, mates in training and even rivals on the mat are among friends of any SAMBO practitioner. No wrestler can succeed in combat without respect for his opponent and recognition that he is a mirror image of the wrestler himself engaged in the task, which requires no less sacrifices to be made. Such an attitude to his opponent is noble and worthy of admiration.

4. SAMBO teaches how to stand up for yourself

The philosophy of this kind of sport is contained in its name “SAMBO” standing for “Samooborona Bez Oruzhia" which means “Self Defense Without Weapons”. SAMBO is the knowledge of defense rather than attack, allowing you to effectively defend yourself without overt aggression. This comprehensive system helps coping with the complexities of modern world when the society turns out indifferent to the problems of the individual. Moreover, SAMBO not only teaches self-defense but gives you a rich life experience, contributing to the formation of strong character as well as persistence and endurance.

5. SAMBO guards against injuries

Danger may lie in wait for us at any moment, even when we're just walking on the street. According to statistics, falling injuries occupy one of the leading positions among the total number of home accidents. SAMBO practitioners are secured against such accidents through the safe fall technique which is a compulsory and fundamental element of this wrestling style. It is just the first element, which the beginners in SAMBO shall learn and then apply the acquired skills not only in sports, but also in everyday life. Today, SAMBO International Federation (FIAS) has developed a special training programmes that allows you to prevent falling injury and can be useful to absolutely anyone - from a child to elderly people.

6. SAMBO produces strong-willed qualities

SAMBO practitioners have been ever cultivating their abilities, improving both physical and moral strong-willed qualities. Every sportsman is put to comprehensive testing of his self-control, will and diligence. Students of SAMBO develop traits of character such as self-discipline, persistence in achieving the goal, and proper self-control. They are urgently needed to progress in training and successfully compete. Furthermore, the developed strong-willed qualities become a guarantee of decent self-realisation outside the wrestling mat.

7. SAMBO lays the foundation for success in life

Some people treat SAMBO as a professional sport and the point of life. For others SAMBO is their favorite hobby and the best thing in spare time promoting general development. Be it as it may, hundreds and thousands of people who steeled their will through SAMBO, step out briskly in life, realising themselves in a variety of fields. Businessmen and politicians, doctors and pilots, lawyers and police officers, scientists and teachers... The list of professions where people closely associated with SAMBO climbed to success can be infinite. No matter how different activities they are engaged in, all of them are united by a common philosophy, the philosophy of SAMBO.

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