Coaching Seminars in Morocco, Africa

29 May 2014 Sergei Grishin
Coaching Seminars in Morocco, Africa

In late May the Moroccan Sambo and Tai Jutsu Federation organised a national seminar for Sambo coaches in Casablanca. Numerous experts shared information with Sambo coaches on the problem of reducing weight and balanced nutrition for athletes, as well as methods of teaching Sambo and the basics of first aid. Head of Moroccan and African Sambo and part-time Vice-President of FIAS Dalil Scully and Chief Technical Officer of the local federation Mohammed Aberuz were able to rally the coaches around Sambo amateurs for a few days. Our report is about the event.

The seminar was composed of both the practical part and theoretical foundation. Nuances of teaching basic Sambo techniques were analysed in the practical part, but some professional holds were mentioned as well. During the theoretical part the methods of teaching Sambo and nuances of psychological preparation of athletes were discussed.

Organisers of the seminar did not forget about medicine as well. A first aid course was demonstrated by Dr. Mustafa Mufid and another votary of the Hippocrates science Dr. Youssef Zerouali enlightened the teachers of self-defense without weapons about sports nutrition and rules that help athletes reduce obesity. The verdict of the experienced nutritionist was as follows: “Sambo athletes should start reducing weight at least 20 days prior to the start”.

“All the participants appreciated the diversity and richness of the programmes of these seminars. We are pleased that we were able to view a subject on improving the training of coaches in various ways. In my opinion, a pledge of progress of our sport is up to people who serve Sambo. And our seminars contribute the Sambo “piggy bank” of Africa”, - Dalil Scully summed up the seminars in Casablanca.

Such contribution is most welcome nowadays. Coaches who have attended the seminars will be able to apply obtained skills and knowledge to better prepare their athletes for the main continental start, 2014 African Championship, which will be held in Cameroon in late September.

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