23 August 2012 Sergei Grishin

On 01 August to 07 August, SAMBO seminar took place in Buenos Aires (Argentina) with the participation of athletes from Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Chili, Ecuador, Argentina and the USA.

Buenos Aires is literally translated from Spanish as “City of the Most Holy Trinity and Port of Saint Mary of the Fair Winds”. This city is the largest city in Argentina, second largest in the South America, as well as one of the world 20 biggest cities.

Football is the most popular sport in Argentina, rugby and basketball are also popular. Polo is mostly practiced by the upper class, although it is still part of the national culture. Tennis has gained popularity lately, especially after Argentinian tennis players showed good results at the global arena. Grass hockey is popular with women.

SAMBO is not so popular in Argentina. However it has been rapidly developing lately and therefore is attractive.

Seminar in this martial art in Buenos Aires was conducted by Dmitry Maksimov (Sports Director of the International SAMBO Federation), Alexander Konakov (Chief Couch of the Russian national team in combat SAMBO), Mikhail Kozitskiy (Sports Director of the Pan-American SAMBO Federation) and Pavel Kasatov (Specialist of the International SAMBO Federation).

Along with practical training in sports and combat SAMBO, FIAS specialists conducted a seminar in applicable SAMBO in Airborne Division of Special Forces of Argentina. The efficiency of this martial art aroused interest of the military personnel. It’s possible that in the near future SAMBO will be included into the compulsory training programme for military personnel in this country.

Apart from practical trainings, the participants attended lectures on theory and methods of SAMBO teaching. All seminar participants received advanced training certificates of the International SAMBO Federation.

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