• Belarusian sambist Stepan Popov becomes an owner of the diploma «Fair Play»

Belarusian sambist Stepan Popov becomes an owner of the diploma «Fair Play»

29 April 2016 Sergei Grishin
Belarusian sambist Stepan Popov becomes an owner of the diploma «Fair Play»

Stepan Popov is the first in the history of sambists to be awarded the highest award of the international organization «Fair Play», a diploma for a gesture in the spirit of fair competition. As informs the press center of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus, the decision to award the prize to the Belarusian athlete was taken at a meeting of the executive committee of the international organization «Fair Play».

All in all, 49 candidates from more than 20 countries have been put forward for awards in the categories “Fair Play Gesture”, “Promoting the principles of Fair Play”, “Career in the style of Fair Play”, “Youth”. Members of the Executive Committee based on the results of voting determined the 32 best who will be the owners of special prizes, diplomas and acknowledgments.

Stepan Popov's candidacy was put forward by the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus with the support of the International Sambo Federation and Belarusian Sports Press Association.

The gesture in the style of «Fair Play» was demonstrated by the Belarusian sambo wrestler from Lepel Stepan Popov in the final match of the first European Games in Baku. From the first seconds of the bout it was clear that in the decisive battle in the weight category of up to 74 kg against Amil Gasimov from Azerbaijan, our athlete was aimed exclusively at winning. Stepan immediately led on points, but then his opponent managed to equalize. However, the Belarusian sportsman stepped forward again and performed a painful hold, for which a clear victory was awarded to him.

Белорусский самбист Степан Попов – обладатель диплома «Fair Play»

Белорусский самбист Степан Попов – обладатель диплома «Fair Play»

Then Stepan Popov helped his prostrate and injured opponent to get off the carpet.

- This award is the first in the history of sambo, therefore, I am sure, it will bring joy not only to Belarus, - Stepan Popov explained. – I have made such gestures in the past, yes, and I must confess, I, too, have been taken off the carpet. Sambo is a contact sport, no one here wants to give up. And it has been true for me also. This time the event took place during Eurogames when the fans’ emotions were going wild, so this action received such a response. And I'm certainly happy to get this award.

Белорусский самбист Степан Попов – обладатель диплома «Fair Play»

Awarding of winners will take place at a special gala ceremony in October in Budapest.

The owners of the awards «Fair Play» in the history of Belarusian sports are the three-time Olympic wrestling champion Alexander Medved, the European champion in table tennis Vladimir Samsonov. Now they have been joined by the champion of the Eurogames in Baku Stepan Popov.

The «Fair Play» movement is globally headed by the ICSSPE, International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education, founded in 1958. In 1964 there was established the affiliated CIFP Committee (Committee International for Fair Play).

International Committee of the «Fair Play» is a non-governmental organization. Among the initiators and founders of the Committee are The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the World Council of Physical Education and Sport Science (ICSSPE), the International Sports Press Association (AIPS).

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