• The Costa Rican Championships were held in Guadeloupe

The Costa Rican Championships were held in Guadeloupe

4 October 2017 Sergei Grishin
The Costa Rican Championships were held in Guadeloupe

The Costa Rican National Championships were held in Guadalupe (suburb of national capital San José) on the 16th of September.

Costa Rican SAMBO Association timed this event to coincide with Independence Day, which is celebrated annually on September 15. Association executives decided to hold future championships in the middle of September as well in order to pay tribute to one of the most important national holidays.

30 strongest athletes, representing 6 SAMBO academies and 12 cantons, participated in the tournament.

Чемпионат Коста-Рики по самбо прошел в Гуадалупе

«In Costa Rica SAMBO used to be just some little known martial art, but now it is gradually turning into a nationally recognized sport. For example, representatives of two local television companies were present at the championships this year. They not only captured fights on video, but also interviewed tournament participators, coaches and hosts», – noted Costa Rican SAMBO Association president Guillermo Sánchez.

Winners of the 2017 Costa Rican National SAMBO Championships



48 kgs  - Jessica Perez

52 kgs  - Lia Rodriguez

56 kgs  - Katalina Sanchez

60 kgs  - Reina Cordoba

64 kgs  - Nicole Castro

68 kgs  - Andrea Guillen

72 kgs  - Norma Jimenez


62 kgs  - Alonso Rojas

68 kgs  - Roberto Barboza

74 kgs  - Hanz Molina

82 kgs - Daniel Díaz

90 kgs - Cristopher Villalobos

100 kgs  - Daniel Sandí

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