• Digest of the week: the Belarusian SUBMISSION, Turkish Federation, Australian Championship and Ecuadorian perspectives

Digest of the week: the Belarusian SUBMISSION, Turkish Federation, Australian Championship and Ecuadorian perspectives

11 July 2013 Sergei Grishin
Digest of the week: the Belarusian SUBMISSION, Turkish Federation, Australian Championship and Ecuadorian perspectives

Which tournament did leading Belarusian combat sport sports clubs participate in? How is the main Turkish SAMBO organization now called? Who will prepare the Australian SAMBO athletes for the National Championship? Why does the Ecuadorian SAMBO stand a good chance to come to the international level? Answers to these and other questions – are in the digest of the FIAS website.


The second tournament by rule of Combat SAMBO in the SUBMISSION section was held in Minsk on July 6. Leading Belarusian sports clubs: Busido, Aquarium, Shock, Holy Family, Kudo, District 13, SDUSHOR in Wrestling of the Minsk City Executive Committee and The League SC participated in the competitions. Representatives of various directions of combat sports were fighting for the title of the best by rule of Combat SAMBO in the SUBMISSION section. The tournament was held under the auspices of the Belarusian Federation of Combat SAMBO and MMA, the League SC, as well as with the support of The League Of Active Young People Organization. The competitions among men were held in six weight categories: up to 62 kg, up to 68 kg, up to 74 kg, up to 82 kg, up to 90 kg and over 90 kg. Women disputed the pass in the absolute weight category. Following the results of the tournament the LIGA SUBMISSION CHAMPIONSHIP rating of fighters was composed.


The main SAMBO governing body in Turkey changed its name. Since May 28, 2013 the Turkish SAMBO Clubs Association has been renamed in the Turkish SAMBO Federation. Obtaining the status of the Federation allowed the organization to raise the status and take one more step towards increasing the role of the Turkish SAMBO in the Ministry of Sports of this country. Today the Turkish SAMBO Federation includes 23 sports clubs in 12 largest cities of the country, where SAMBO is developing. In the near future, a series of continuous seminars under the general name of “Undisputed” is planned to be carried out in Turkey. The seminars will be held in 11 largest cities for 3 months. In addition to training athletes, the place for the competitions was has been cut out. As early as in August, as the local federation reports, the National SAMBO Championship will be organized in Turkey. Certainly the country’s national team, which later will participate in the World Championship in St. Petersburg, will be completed by the results of this one tournament.

You can find details of these and other news in the first issue of the official news digest of the Turkish SAMBO Federation: DIGEST.


Australia is also preparing for the National SAMBO Championship. July 28 is occupied by the National Championship in Sports and Combat SAMBO in the calendar on the official website of the Australian SAMBO Federation. Athletes are training hard, getting ready to show their skills and abilities in all its glory, but also expect to gain more knowledge and skills on the eve of the tournament. The fact is that a few days before the Australian Championship sports seminars will be held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, where Andrey Moshanov, FIAS Development Director will conduct master classes for local SAMBO athletes and coaches. Armed with new information, the Australian wrestlers will certainly try to apply something adopted in fights of the National Championship. Let’s see which one of them will succeed better.


The SAMBO Tournament among the Ecuadorian associations and clubs was held on July 6. SAMBO athletes from several cities of the country gathered at The Factory Academy to find out which of them is the strongest at the moment. And if the skills of local athletes haven’t always reached the global level, their diligence is to be envied. Incredible intensity of emotions, which was on SAMBO mats in Ecuador on this day, shows that they treat SAMBO well here. And in the near future the Ecuadorians will certainly try not only to reach the international level, but also to compete with the already recognized SAMBO masters.

Prepared by Alexander Solomakhin

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