• Digest of the week: Polish and Slovenian tournaments, Armenian preparation and Russian Preodolenie

Digest of the week: Polish and Slovenian tournaments, Armenian preparation and Russian Preodolenie

26 June 2013 Sergei Grishin
Digest of the week: Polish and Slovenian tournaments, Armenian preparation and Russian Preodolenie

In what weight category was there the most intense rivalry at the Polish Championship? Which tournament is SAMBO Yerevan preparing for? Participants from how many countries took part in the Slovenian Open Grand Prix? Where can SAMBO athletes with disabilities from all over the world approve themselves? The answers to these and other questions – are in the digest of the FIAS website.


The Polish Championship in Sports and Combat SAMBO was held in Bialystok on June 15. More than 30 athletes participated in the tournament. The most intense rivalry was among men in Combat SAMBO in the weight category up to 74 kg, as a matter of fact it is the number of SAMBO athletes competing with each other was maximum in this weight category. As a result Mikhal Kendzya appeared to be the strongest and quickest of them. Note that the competitions among men in Sports and Combat SAMBO were held in 5 weight categories, whereas women competed only in two.


Yerevan is preparing to welcome members of the traditional, fourth in succession, International Youth SAMBO Tournament, which this year is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the twice Hero of the Soviet Union Nelson Stepanyan. At the competitions, which will be held from 2 to 4 of August at the Dynamo Palace of Sports, boys and girls of 1995-1996 (1997-1998) years of birth will take part. Last year the tournament gathered more than 200 athletes from Russia, Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, Georgia, Greece and France. Preliminary applications to participate in this tournament are accepted until July 10.


The Slovenian Open Grand Prix International SAMBO Tournament was held at the Studentsi Sports Palace in Maribor. Representatives from Austria, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Slovenia and Russia participated in the competitions. Despite the international make-up of the entry list, ones of the sharpest games broke out between the athletes-hosts of the tournament. A fascinating and spectacular final fight turned out to be in weight category up to 60 kg between two leaders of the Slovenian women’s national team – Polona Lampe and Mikhaela Chirich, where at the last minute Polona celebrated the victory. The final fight in men’s SAMBO in weight category up to 82 kg was no less interesting. Here Mario Rudlu opposed Esenko Chetich, and in fine became the champion. As Dmitry Stoyanov, the President of the Slovenian SAMBO Federation, underlined, refereeing at the tournament was of very high level and didn’t left a particle of doubt in its objectivity.


Questions of SAMBO development for people with disabilities were raised in the Open Letter to all SAMBO athletes of the world. In his address Roman Novikov, SAMBO Development Coordinator for people with disabilities in Moscow SAMBO Federation, told about the Preodolenie Tournament, which has been held since 2012. In these competitions “athletes with such health restraints as: the blind-visually impaired, the deaf-hard of hearing, the amputees took part, in exhibition performance athletes with disorders of the musculoskeletal system participated and so on”.

The Open Letter says “At present mainly athletes from Russia take part in such tournaments, but we are open to the whole world, and any athlete person with disabilities from any corner of the world may attend our tournaments and perform!

Therefore we encourage SAMBO coaches to take people with disabilities who want to engage in this sport to their sections (as far as possible and taking into account their physical restraints) and then perform at the competitions, glorify their National SAMBO Federation and the whole country with their victories!”.

Moscow SAMBO Federation has planned to hold the third Open SAMBO Tournament Preodolenie for people with disabilities in the capital of Russia in 2014 and invites you to take part in the competitions of athletes from different countries. For more information contact the Vice-President of Moscow SAMBO Federation Ignatenko Viktor Aleksandrovich. Contacts: tel. Russia, city of Moscow (495) 730-59-45, e-mail: sambo035@mail.ru

Prepared by Alexander Solomakhin

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