• Digest of the week: the Serbian renewal, Russian equal opportunities and Austrian memory

Digest of the week: the Serbian renewal, Russian equal opportunities and Austrian memory

15 May 2013 Sergei Grishin

Who became the new President of the Serbian SAMBO Federation? How are SAMBO competitions among disabled athletes carried out? And thanks to whose initiative the sports veterans celebrated the Victory Day in Austria? The answers to these and other questions – are in the digest of the FIAS website.


Professor Slavko Obadov became the new Serbian SAMBO Federation President. At the scheduled elections, which took place at the meeting of the Serbian SAMBO Federation Executive Committee on April 25, Slavko Obadov was elected by a majority of votes. The elections results were reported in the official government agency: HERE. In view of the change of the Serbian SAMBO Federation Head, the contact information to contact the management was also changed: HERE

srbijasambo@gmail.com – Professor Slavko Obadov, the President of the Serbian SAMBO Federation;

ttrivic@yahoo.com; phone: +381 64 588 3545 – Tatiana Trivich, Secretary General of the Serbian SAMBO Federation;

sambofederationserbia@gmail.com – Nicola M. Dishkovich, the Vice-President of the Serbian SAMBO Federation.


The second Open SAMBO Tournament for the Disabled Preodolenie was carried out at the Sports Palace of the Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Computer Science on April 27. The tournament was attended by 35 disabled athletes hard of hearing and 22 sight-disabled athletes who came from different parts of not only Russia but also Ukraine. As the Vice-President of the Russian Federation of the Blind Sports Yury Zhukov pointed out, today there is an objective to develop SAMBO not only among healthy people, but also among people with disabilities, including the blind – for SAMBO to get into the Paralympic Movement.

The organizers of the tournament – are Grazhdanskaya Smena State-Financed Organization of Culture in cooperation with the Moscow SAMBO Federation, Troparevo Health and Recreation Resort (Moscow) and the Health of the Nation All-Russian Public Organization to support a healthy lifestyle represented by Oleg G. Zakharov also rendered considerable assistance in the tournament organization.

Trainees of the Zvyaginets Health Club under the leadership of the President of the Zvyaginets Club Evgeny Yakovlevich Gatkin took part in the exhibition performance. Chief Coach of the Russian Judo Team of the blind Islam Israpilovich Ibragimov and the President of the Martial Arts Federation of the Deaf Regional Public Organization of the Disabled of Moscow Vasily Yryevich Emelyanov also took an active role in the tournament. The meet chairman of the tournament – is the Vice-President of the Moscow SAMBO Federation Viktor Aleksandrovich Ignatenko. The Head of the Negotiation Tournament – is coordinator for the SAMBO development for the disabled in Moscow SAMBO Federation and member of the Grazhdanskaya Smena Student Staff Project Roman Igorevich Novikov.


The annual celebration of the Victory Day was held in Austria. The Austrian SAMBO Federation took an active role in the events dedicated to this holiday. At the initiative of the Federation President Svetlana Noybauer-Sokolik, with the support and participation of the Board of Guardians of the Moscow SAMBO Federation member (partner of the Austrian SAMBO Federation), as well as Coach and Consultant of the Austrian SAMBO Federation, a member of the SAMBO Veterans National League Executive Committee Yury Trufanov there was held a series of events with the participation of veterans. Sports veterans took part in them – the President of the SAMBO Veterans National League, Champion of the USSR, International Master of Sport in SAMBO Boris Alekseevich Klimovich and the Vice-President of the League, academician Remir Iosifovich Solnitsev.

During holidays, the veterans visited the office of the Austrian SAMBO Federation in Vienna, took part in the traditional floral tribute to the monument to the Russian soldier in the center of Vienna, visited the Embassy of the Russian Federation, where they presented a service medal of the annual tournament in memory of soldiers of the 6th Company in St. Petersburg to the Russian Ambassador in Austria S.Yu. Nechayev. In addition, veterans held a festive service in the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, visited the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, as well as Vienna’s Central Park – Prater. One day was devoted to the exhibition performance of young SAMBO athletes, which was attended by students of the senior group of the SAMBO section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation school under the leadership of the Austrian SAMBO Federation Coach Viktor Pavlov.

Prepared by Aleksandr Solomakhin

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