• A. Kharlampiev Memorial World Cup Stage - Day Two

A. Kharlampiev Memorial World Cup Stage - Day Two

10 August 2012 Sergei Grishin
The final part of the second competition day started with a series of 4 final bouts among women sambists. The first ones to fight for the gold medal of the prestigious World Cup Stage were women of the weight category "up to 52 kg". This final bout brought together Russian representatives of 2 martial arts: Anna Kharitonova, participant of Beijing Olympic Games 2008 in judo, and Natalia Chernetsova, Champion of European SAMBO Cup. As the result of intense struggle, a 1-point leg clinch throw made by Anna in the first seconds of the bout brought her the victory and let her get on the upper step of the podium of the Moscow World Cup. The final in the 60 kg weight category was intense but not really spectacular. After a series of fouls Russian sambist Yekaterina Onoprienko, the Champion of the First Sport Accord Games in Beijing, won her compatriot, silver medalist of World Cup 2011 in Lithuania Olesya Kondratieva, with final score 3:1. In the 68 kg weight category the audience witnessed a duel of Belorussian and Russian SAMBO schools. The bout between Margarita Gurtsieva (Russia) and Volkha Namazova (Belarus) was very spectacular. The Russian sambist demonstrated an excellent technique of inside pickup throw, which was valued at the maximum points by the referees; a combination of side back heel and back trip brought Margarita 2 more points. As the result she won with a considerable margin 10:1 and received the gold medal of the prestigious tournament. In the 80 kg weight category the final was Russian too. Anna Subbotina performed an over-the-back throw with arm clinch valued at 1 point and earned one more point for her activity during the bout. She defeated her team fellow Yelena Khakimova 2:0. After the exhibition shows and the awarding ceremonies of the fair half of our sambist family, men (representatives of sports SAMBO) entered the battle. In the 57 kg weight category, Kazakh sambist Yerbolat Baibatyrov, 4-time World Champion, defeated Akhliddin Karimov from Tajikistan with a minimum margin of 1 point. The final bout of the 68 kg weight category gave the audience no spectacular throws or bright techniques of ground work. Russian sportsman Vladimir Balykov overpowered his compatriot Nikita Kletskov, European Champion, with a minimum margin of 1 point. With the same score ended the final bout of the 82 kg weight category in which Ilya Kokovich (Russia) defeated Komronshokh Ustopirien, representative of Tajikistan. In the 100 kg weight category, 2-time World Champion Alsim Chernoskulov (he was second at Vilnius World Cup 2011) proved to be stronger than his team fellow, also a 2-time World Champion but among juniors - Islam Abazov. Alsim pleased the audience with an excellent 4-points over-the-back throw from the knees. Islam could only counteract by way of a 1-point throw with inside shank grip of the same leg. The resulting score was 4:1 and Chernoskulov won the victory. Combat sambists who did not compete on the first day of the World Cup fought for the medals in 4 weight categories - 68, 74, 82 and 90 kg - on Monday. In all the weight categories, the representatives of Russian combat SAMBO school celebrated the victory. It took Rashad Muradov from Russia (68 kg) 1.5 minutes to knock out his opponent from Romania Valeriu Tigineanu using shock technique. This resulted in early end of the bout and the first gold medal of the World Cup went to the Russian team. In the 75 kg weight category, the bout lasted 1 minute and 17 seconds. That was the time Shamil Gasakhanov (Russia) needed to perform an excellent contr-hold from the back trip - a 4-points over-the-chest throw - and the following combination: retention and painful hold, which brought him the victory over his compatriot Alexandr Panov. The final in the 82 kg weight category was very intense and intriguing. Two Russian athletes fought for the right to get on the upper step of the podium - Abusupyan Alikhanov and Magomed Aldiev. In the very beginning of the bout, retention brought 4 points to Alikhanov. Then Aldiev restored the status quo with the use of a 4-points side overturn throw. At the last minute of the bout, 2 throws with outside shin hook, each valued by the referees at 1 point, brought Abusupyan Alikhanov victory with the final score 6:4. In the final bout of the competition, Dmitry Samoilov (Russia) performed a leg hold throw and then a great windmill throw. So he lead 5:0, and, in the very end of the bout with his compatriot Vadim Nemkov, he made a point by performing a gorgeous arm submission hold. Moscow World Cup Stage (the second Stage of this year after Uralsk) is now over. The sambists can continue their fight for the right to top the cup classification at A. Astakhov Memorial (Karakas, Venezuela, June 28 - July 1) and at the World Cup Stage for the prizes of A. Aslakhanov (Russia, October 5-8).
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