• SAMBO World Cup Stage "A.Kharlampiev Memorial" - Results and Evaluations

SAMBO World Cup Stage "A.Kharlampiev Memorial" - Results and Evaluations

10 August 2012 Sergei Grishin
SAMBO World Cup Stage "A.Kharlampiev Memorial" that was held on March 25-26 in Moscow Universal Sports Hall Druzhba is now over. We would like to remind you that Universal Sports Hall Druzhba is located on Moscow River Embankment and has the shape of a sea star. It was built for Olympic Games XXII in 1980; its name symbolizes the cooperation of 15 sports for which the Sports Hall was designed, on the one hand, and on the other, the idea of FRIENDSHIP ("Druzhba" in Russian) included in the concept of sport itself. But, despite the sports FRIENDSHIP, 200 athletes from 26 countries of the world who came together for this Moscow Stage had to determine the strongest ones in tough competition and to choose champions and prize winners in 22 weight categories of sports and combat SAMBO. During the 2 competition days, the audience saw a lot of exciting bouts. The most memorable one was the final in the most prestigious women's weight category: over 80 kg. Irina Rodina, Russia - the most titular sambist of our time, the 11-time World Champion - competed with Nina Kutro-Kelly, USA, bronze medalist of World Cup 2011. By the way, both girls are also quite successful outside of their sports life: Nina is an English teacher, Irina is the director of a large fitness center in Perm, Russia). This bout was very intense but it resulted in the victory of the experienced Russian sportswoman as expected. Nina got the prestigious silver medal and a valuable experience that is always given in the final of such an important tournament. Here is what the leader of the American team told us right after the final. Nina Cutro-Kelly, USA national team athlete, silver medalist (+80kg) About the tournament I'm pleased with this tournament and with my result on it. For me this Stage is only second sambo competition. Earlier I used to do judo. Sports practice on such serious tournament is very important for me. Hkarlampiev Cup is really hard, all the athletes are strong. But now, after the fight, I feel very good. By the way, for me it's the first visit to Moscow. But I hadn't got enough time to see the city. About herself I have good skills. I pay a lot of attention to the ground work. But I hadn't got enough experience. I'm in a good shape for my weight category. I'm training for 6 days a week, I run a lot and work with weights. About sambo Sambo has a great meaning in my life. It's a perfect chance. New possibility. Sambo makes me really happy. The sports festival that brought joy and happiness to so many people does not leave our capital for a long time. A.A. Kharlampiev Memorial was - both for Moscow and for the National SAMBO Federation - the final rehearsal of the Europe Championship that will be held on May 17-21 in the same Druzhba Sports Hall. By the way, at the last European Championship that was held in the capital of Bulgaria, the team of France caused a sensation. They won 1 gold and 2 bronze medals, and took the 4th place in team classification as the result. In Sofia Sports Hall "Universiade", the French hymn was played for the first time in the history of international SAMBO tournaments, as French representative of combat SAMBO, Champion in the weight category "up to 100 kg" Nicholas Mbog went up to the upper step of the podium. In the final he won an impressive victory over the Bulgarian Ivan Stoyanov. The successfully developing French team drew our attention, and we talked to one of the athletes from that national team - Francois Drouilly. Francois Drouilly, French national team athlete, 90 kg About tournament These competitions are very important for me. Moscow stage is a serious part of physical and psychological preparation for the European championship, that will be held in Moscow in May. It is so important to find your own, optimal form and to get your necessary level. Unfortunately, I can't be pleased with my result on the "Kharlampiev's memorial". Russian athletes are very strong for sure. About self-experience I do sambo only 2 years. I came from judo after the regulations in judo have been changed. About love to sambo I love this sport for it's dignity, nobility, real force. Sambo teaches to work a lot. It's not only trainings and competitions. It is a great part of me. Sambo is the way of life. During these days, "Druzhba" brought together the most devoted SAMBO fans. One of them is the General Secretary of the European SAMBO Federation, and the President of the Italian SAMBO Federation Mr. Roberto Ferraris. By the way, Italia is going to host SAMBO Europe Championship 2013. Roberto Ferraris, Secretary General of the European sambo federation, president of the Italian sambo federation About tournament "Kharlampiev's Memorial" is а great tradition. I have been on these competitions a lot of times: when I was an athlete, when I was a coach and now as a manager. The level of the Moscow stage is up and it's organization is developing with every year. That's why I always come here with pleasure. About self-impression I have a lot of good memories from "Kharlampiev's memorial". Every time during this Stage I have a real nostalgia. I met here a great number of my colleagues and friends from my sports life (by the way, my sports life began at 1979, when I took part in my first sambo competition). At first, when I see the carpet, these words are coming to my mind: "Diet! A lot of diets" (laughing). Really, it was a very hard work to stay always in a shape before the tournaments. About Italian sambo In our country we are actively developing this sport. In Italy we don't have yet such a great sambo tradition, so we have a lot of work before us. It is permanent and hard job. I'm heading federation for 10 years, and during this time we have done a lot. Nowadays we have huge number of interesting seminars for referees and training programs for athletes. We have even organized a training camp for children. Developing sambo is very important thing, because it not only makes your body stronger. Sambo makes stronger your spirit. The upcoming Europe Championship 2013 will give new impetus to the popularization of SAMBO and will surely promote the successful development of this sport in Italia. The tournament became bright event in the world SAMBO and was highly praised by FIAS President Vasily Shestakov. The Head of international SAMBO commented on the importance of this "Memorial": "SAMBO World Cup, now divided into 4 stages, is one of the key events in the sports calendar of the sambists of the world. The Moscow Stage proved it as it gave spectacular bouts to the audience and hot competition to the sportsmen. By the way, I am sure that the fight for the Cup we see this year will enhance the level of SAMBO development worldwide and thus extend its geography. For this reason, it will surely be very hard for the today's World Champions to defend their titles at the World Championship in Minsk in November. It will give considerable advantage for us, SAMBO fans, as the tough competition makes this sport interesting and attractive". Thus, the World Cup Stage in Moscow (the second one this year after Uralsk, Kazakhstan) is now over. The sambists will have the opportunity to continue the fight for the top of the Cup classification at "A. Astakhov Memorial" (Karakas, Venezuela, June 28 - July 1) and at the World cup Stage for the prizes of A. Aslakhanov (Russia, October 5-8).
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