• SAMBO World Cup event for A.A. Aslakhanov's prizes

SAMBO World Cup event for A.A. Aslakhanov's prizes

12 August 2012 Sergei Grishin
On October 1st-2nd the Ivan Yarygin Wrestling Palace in Moscow will host a SAMBO World Cup event for A.A. Aslakhanov's prizes. There are always bright, outstanding personalities in charge of every line of work. In sambo one of such men is Aslambek Aslakhanov, merited master of sports in SAMBO, six-time World Champion. We know how much he has done for SAMBO in Russia and in the world. By his activities, his own example and his excellent shape Aslambek Akhmedovich proves that SAMBO is a system of physical upbringing that allows one to succeed not only in sports, but in life. The first international tournament for Aslambek Aslakhanov's prizes took place in 2002; over the years it has been held in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Prague. In 2007 it received a status of a SAMBO World Cup event. The tournament attracted the largest number of participants - teams from 31 countries - in 2008 when Russia celebrated 70 years of SAMBO. Last year it welcomed teams from 25 countries. Accidentally, this World Cup event is held on the eve of the main tournament in the FIAS calendar, the World Championships. This year the World Championships will take place in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius. For many athletes this World Cup will be a test before the main event of the season, for many coaches - a chance to fine-tune line-ups of their teams and for the Russian public - another opportunity to see SAMBO in person. We invite fans of SAMBO to visit the Ivan Yarygin Wrestling Palace on the first weekend of October and enjoy exciting bouts on sambo mats. In nearly two months we will be able to say that we have seen the newly-crowned World SAMBO Champions in Moscow in the beginning of October.
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