• FIAS took part in the launch of a series of TAFISA webinars “Mission 2030”

FIAS took part in the launch of a series of TAFISA webinars “Mission 2030”

4 July 2024 FIAS
FIAS took part in the launch of a series of TAFISA webinars “Mission 2030”

The International Association of Sport for All (TAFISA) initiated the Mission 2030 webinar series, which kicked off with the event “Capacity Building in Sport for All – Are We Achieving Our Goals?” The first webinar, held on June 26, attracted more than 600 participants from 112 countries, including FIAS representatives. The event provided a platform for in-depth discussion on this topic and announced the launch of the SUCCEED initiative.

The webinar featured experts from various sectors and governance levels. TAFISA Vice-President Americas Catherine Forde (CANOC) delivered the welcome address, followed by a presentation from Ollie Dudfield, IOC Associate Director Olympism365, who highlighted key capacity-building issues in the sector. Ytannia Wiggins, Executive Board Member, CANOC, discussed barriers and challenges, such as the shortage of professional staff and knowledge deficiencies in sports organizations. Laura-Maria Lehiste (Tiidla), ISCA Head of Development and Partnership, emphasized the importance of effective communication and marketing to reach relevant target audiences.

Panelists and guests stressed the need to identify and address gaps, avoid duplicating existing tools and initiatives, develop complementary curriculums and frameworks, establish a common agenda, and pursue mutual goals. The discussions underscored the transformative potential of capacity building in Sport for All, highlighting its role in community development, empowerment, funding, and gender equity.

A significant milestone of the webinar was the introduction of the SUCCEED initiative. In collaboration with the IOC through its Olympism365 strategy, TAFISA launched SUCCEED – Supporting Communities Empowerment & Development through Sport for All. This framework aims to bolster global capacity-building approaches that promote solidarity, safeguarding, equality, inclusion, human rights, and sustainable progress.


TAFISA's origins date back to the 1960s, when a semi-regular meeting of international but individual personalities and leaders interested in and working in the field of sport for all was held under the name "TRIM AND FITNESS."

TAFISA was officially formed in Bordeaux, France 1991, and its statutes were registered in Frankfurt, Germany. In 2005, TAFISA opened its professional office in Frankfurt, expanding its staff to include international consultants.

The International SAMBO Federation joined TAFISA in 2007, participating in the World Games for non-Olympic sports. In 2009, TAFISA was renamed to "The Association for International Sport for All" to better reflect its activities and status as the leading international Sport for All association.

Significant events for SAMBO include the first-ever TAFISA Martial Arts Games in Richmond, Canada, in 2014 and the 24th TAFISA World Congress in Budapest in 2015, which attracted 450 representatives from 76 countries, including FIAS. In 2019, SAMBO was among the 12 martial arts included in the professional program of the 1st TAFISA World Martial Arts Festival.

FIAS remains actively involved in various TAFISA initiatives. Last year, French sambist Nathalie Cariou represented FIAS at the INTERACT+ seminar in Linz, Austria, organized by the International Fistball Association (IFA) under TAFISA's leadership. The seminar encouraged athletes, coaches, and sports organizations to implement "Sport for All" in various events.


The next TAFISA webinar, "Multiplying Impact: Measurement and Evaluation in Sport for All," is scheduled for September 3, 2024.

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