• Information on the rules for using SAMBO uniforms at international competitions

Information on the rules for using SAMBO uniforms at international competitions

23 January 2024 FIAS
Information on the rules for using SAMBO uniforms at international competitions

At official competitions of the International SAMBO Federation (FIAS), enhanced form control measures are in place. Anyone planning to participate in tournaments must bring their sports uniform in accordance with the FIAS Sports and Organizational Rules and the FIAS International Rules.

“The International SAMBO Federation continues to form positive trends regarding the visual attractiveness of FIAS sporting events. This is justified by the requirements of the IOC, as well as the trends of modern television, including Internet broadcasts, where the struggle for popularity in the media space begins with the external component of the sport: the aesthetics of athleticism, the beauty and severity of clothing, as well as the sportswear of the participants in the competition,” said FIAS Sports Director Dmitry Maksimov.

In connection with the above, we inform you that in 2024 all official FIAS competitions will be held under conditions of careful control of the participants’ uniform.

We remind you of the rules for using the SAMBO uniform (Sport SAMBO, Combat SAMBO, Beach SAMBO) at the official FIAS competitions.

1. SAMBO uniform must comply with the FIAS International Rules

01 uniform en.jpg

Please note that from January 2024, in order to participate in FIAS Combat SAMBO competitions, a new model of shorts is required. Features of shorts for Combat SAMBO:

a) the cut is free, not restricting movements;

b) the length of the shorts reaches mid-thigh;

c) the waistband of the shorts is tightened with a cord made from the main fabric;

d) the material used for sewing shorts is highly durable (grabbing shorts is allowed in Combat SAMBO).

2. A SAMBO jacket (Sport SAMBO, Combat SAMBO, Beach SAMBO) must have a standard backnumber on it

Basic dimensions of a backnumber for a SAMBO jacket

02 backnumber.jpg

Dimensions and application of the backnumber for the SAMBO jacket:

a) the backnumber must be made in the form of a horizontal rectangle measuring 20x35 centimeters;

b) the athlete’s name is located at the top of the backnumber;

c) no more than 15 characters (including letters, spaces and periods) can be used to indicate the surname;

d) in the lower half of the backnumber there is a three-letter country code;

e) the name and country code are centered on the backnumber and printed in Arial Black font (PANTONE Black).

The application of other letters, numbers, pictures and logos to the backnumber is prohibited.

Rules for applying a backnumber to a SAMBO jacket

03 backnumber jacket.jpg

3. SAMBO uniform (Sport SAMBO, Combat SAMBO, Beach SAMBO) must be licensed by FIAS

The use of a licensed SAMBO uniform guarantees its compliance with FIAS standards, regulations and International Rules. Participation in all official FIAS competitions is possible only in a licensed form.

Up-to-date information about licensed uniform suppliers can be obtained on the FIAS website in the “Suppliers” section: https://sambo.sport/ru/suppliers/.

4. The use of additional form attributes must be in strict accordance with the FIAS International Rules

The SAMBO uniform for women requires a standard T-shirt with a FIAS license. The use of unlicensed T-shirts at official FIAS competitions is prohibited.

03 women rules.jpg

In Combat SAMBO competitions, elements of concealed protective equipment are provided (a mouthguard, a shell for men, a bandage for women), the presence of which is mandatory!

Sambo boots in red, blue or combined (red-blue) colors are made of soft fabrics.

It is prohibited to wear clothing (panties, socks, T-shirt sleeves for women) that protrude beyond the edges of the sports uniform.

To protect the joints, it is allowed to use bandages and tapes (a bandage or tape on the knee joint must be covered on top with an elastic knee pad in the color of the uniform – red or blue, respectively). On top, the knee pad should cover the lower quarter of the thigh, and on the bottom, the upper quarter of the shin. Knee pads of other sizes are not acceptable for use!

03 women rules 1.jpg

5. Spare set of SAMBO uniform for competitions

Each competitor must have a spare set of uniforms for use in case of damage.

The uniform presented in the competition uniform control area is used only if the athlete's uniform is damaged during the bout. After the completion of the match, the athlete must return the borrowed element of his uniform (jacket, shorts, etc.), and then continue the competition using a new (spare) element of his uniform.

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