• Keron BOURNE: “I'm Going to Repeat My Golden Success”

Keron BOURNE: “I'm Going to Repeat My Golden Success”

26 August 2019 FIAS
Keron BOURNE: “I'm Going to Repeat My Golden Success”

This year, sambist from Trinidad and Tobago Keron Bourne has achieved his goal: finally he's managed to win his first, long-awaited “gold” at the continental tournament. He scored first at the Panamerican Championships in the up to 62 kg weight category in combat SAMBO. In his interview with the FIAS website, the athlete told how he managed to achieve this, what he does for his strength training, and what he loves SAMBO for.

On what helped him to win

Strong character, non-stop training, proper diet, but the most important thing is full concentration. When I arrived at the tournament in the Dominican Republic, the only thing I was able to think of was that I was able to, I ought to, I would do it. And so I became the Champion of the Americas, and that's great.

On his strength

If you visit my Instagram, you will see that I pull up a barbell weighing 90 kilograms and work very hard on my strength training. I practice with huge guys, really huge guys, so now lifting up an opponent of my weight is no longer a problem for me. When you train with sparring partners who are much heavier than you, it comes much easier for you to fight in your weight class.

On the gold medal

I have been practicing SAMBO for more than 6 years, but I have never won a gold medal, only the silver and the bronze. So this was my first Pan-American gold, and it's truly amazing. This is really a well-deserved gold!

On his love of SAMBO

I really adore SAMBO, for it is a combination of all the martial arts that I do: judo, kick boxing, boxing. And I am able to combine all this in one single combat. That is why I love SAMBO so much and I am very happy to be a sambist.

On his immediate plans

In September, I'm going to participate in the President’s Cup in Northern Ireland. Then I will go to the World Championships in Korea, and there I am going to repeat my golden success, because I believe I will grow even stronger in November.

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