• Crema, Italy: Congress of the European Sambo Federation

Crema, Italy: Congress of the European Sambo Federation

18 May 2013 Sergei Grishin
Crema, Italy: Congress of the European Sambo Federation

In this report you would learn about the candidature of the Sambo Europe nominated to the next election of the FIAS President, countries in which the Old World Sambo championships will take place in 2014-2016 as well as how many countries will represent Sambo at the Universiade in Kazan. But all in good time. Today we are ready to tell you what happened in the evening of 17 May at the assembly hall of Crema Municipality (Italy).

On Friday CremaMunicipality gathered representatives of 25 European countries which develop and promote Sambo in their countries. Heads of the European federations were welcomed by Crema’s mayor Stefania Bonaldi. “We are very glad to hold such a serious sports forum at our town. Sports values are important and significant to us. The point is that Crema competes for a distinguished title, European City of Sport 2016, and the European Sambo Championship starting tomorrow is one of the events which lead us to the title we would so much like to win for our town. I am happy to welcome you here today, and the sun which has come to Crema upon the rainy and gloomy weather demonstrates that Italy is glad to see the Sambo,” Crema’s mayor Stefania Bonaldi finished her short speech with a smile.

The meeting of the Congress of the European Sambo Federation continued with a traditional report of the President of this Federation Serguei Yeliseyev concerning the work completed in 2012. A lot had been done in that period but the plans aired by Serguei Yeliseyev before the European Sambo heads include objectives which are even more ambitious. “We would like to increase the number of championships and world competitions participants up to two thirds of the number of all the Sambo wrestlers participating in the global for a as well as to bind all the Sambo countries to represent themselves at the main Sambo events with at least six athletes (three women, three men). In the near future we would like to start holding European Sambo Cups, it is planned to award this distinguished title to the tournaments which currently have the status of international category B tournaments,” the President of the European Sambo Federation aired the plans for the future.

The Kazan World Summer Universiade, which is to take place very soon, in mid-July, and where Sambo is to be represented in the official programme of the main sports event of the students for the first time in history, is one of the key events for all the Sambo wrestlers. Athletes and trainers could use this chance to chronicle their names in the world students’ sports, and for Sambo functionaries it is not only a possibility to promote Sambo among students but also a chance to become a member of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) in the near future. As of today 13 European countries intend to participate in Sambo competitions with the total number of the participating countries of 42. It is a significant representation of Europe but while the process of application submission was extended those who are late have a chance to “board the students’ train named “Sambo” which departs to Kazan”.

In 2013 Sambo wrestlers will board not only trains but also planes which will bring them to the main Sambo events of 2013– World Competition in Greece and World Championship in Russia. At the same time, Serguei Yeliseyev made public a pleasant piece of news for the presidents that the expenses of the National Sambo Federations would be limited by train and plane fares only. The point is that the International Sambo Federation (FIAS) bears the expenses related to accommodation and board payment for all the participating athletes of global fora.

Besides the global events at Crema Municipality, the main European Sambo championships in 2014-2016 were discussed. The Sambo geography will be as follows in the Old World during this period: the youth will gather in Madrid (Spain) in 2014, in Novi Sad (Serbia) the following year, and in Paris (France) in 2016. To bring the strongest to light, the adult Sambo wrestlers will come to Bucharest (Romania) in 2014, will meet in Vilnius (Lithuania) the following year, and the year 2016 will gather Sambo fans in Moscow (Russia).

Russia will host the World Sambo Championship of this year as well. In November the Congress of the FIAS to hear reports and elect new officials will take in St. Petersburg as well. It is at this congress where the heads of the world Sambo will elect the President of the International Sambo Federation currently chaired by Vasiliy Shestakov. Having noted significant and successful results of the FIAS work under the leadership of Vasiliy Shestakov, the heads of the European Sambo federation decided to nominate their candidate on behalf of the Sambo Europe, the incumbent FIAS President Vasiliy Shestakov, in Crema yesterday.

This candidature will be considered in November only, and today the European Sambo Championship begins in Crema. You would be able to learn about its results and news from the reports on our website.

Natalia Yukhareva

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