• The winners of Ukrainian Cup were named in Lutsk

The winners of Ukrainian Cup were named in Lutsk

20 March 2017 Sergei Grishin
The winners of Ukrainian Cup were named in Lutsk

Ukrainian Sport Sambo and Combat Sambo Cup was held on March 17-18 in Lutsk. The tournament in the capital of Volynia gathered more than 200 participants from 21 regions of the country. Following the results of the competitions, the national team, which will perform at European Sambo Championship in Minsk, was formed.

It is interesting to note, that two people got on the podium in under 68 kgs weight category: the winner of the tournament Elena Saiko and her most precious «award». Multiple winner of world and continental forums returned on the mat after the birth of her baby.

Елена Сайко

According to the hosts, this added even more emotions to the competitions, though there were plenty of them throughout the tournament. The confrontation between combat sambo wrestlers was especially furious: although the “first numbers” confirmed their status, they had to work hard.

Кубок Украины по спортивному и боевому самбо

- Sambo is a top priority among non-Olympic sport events, which are plentiful in Ukraine, - said Mikhail Rudenko, the head coach of the national team; he is, by the way, the winner of the first ever combat sambo championship. – We need to measure up constantly to our high-status, in other words, to prove our worthiness with medals at international competitions and increase the number of people, practising sambo in our country. We constantly work on it.

Кубок Украины по спортивному и боевому самбо

After Ukrainian Cup, a two-day camp for the finalists was organized at the expense of national federation. This event gave an opportunity to senior coaches to work purposefully with national team candidates.

- We worked out quite an intensive schedule that focused on applied skills and involved a series of sparrings. It is worth mentioning that this year we have slightly changed the selection system in the adult team for the main international competitions. Before European Sambo Championship there is Ukrainian Cup; as for the world forum, the lineup will be determined at the tournament in memory of the founder of Ukrainian sambo Roman Shkolnikov, who was trained by Vasili Oshchepkov. At the end of the season Ukrainian Championship will be held, during which in-house national team (both first and reserve teams) for 2018 will be defined.

Кубок Украины по спортивному и боевому самбо


1. Kiyev
2. Khar'kovskaya oblast'
3. Odesskaya oblast'



44 kg
1. Yelizaveta DIDORENKO (Sumskaya oblast')
2. Yelizaveta POLOVIKOVA (Khar'kovskaya oblast')

48 kg
1. Anastasiya NOVIKOVA (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
2. Sofiko BAGISHVILI(Khar'kovskaya oblast')
3. Yekaterina SABLEVA (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast') i Diana TALASH (Chernigovskaya oblast')

52 kg
1. Mariya OSTAPYUK (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast')
2. Tat'yana DZHABRAILOVA (Donetskaya oblast')
3. Snezhana KUZNETSOVA (Khar'kovskaya oblast')

56 kg
1. Mariya SKORAYA (Zaporozhskaya oblast')
2. Nataliya IL'KIV (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast')
3. Alla RADCHENKO (Sumskaya oblast') i Alina TASHCHUK (L'vovskaya oblast')

60 kg
1. Anna DENISENKO (Chernigovskaya oblast')
2. Dar'ya PYLAYEVA (Zhitomirskaya oblast')
3. Alina BOGACHUK (Zhitomirskaya oblast')

64 kg
1. Yuliya KHRAMOVA (Kiyev)
2. Nadezhda POKORA (L'vovskaya oblast')
3. Irina ONATSKAYA (Donetskaya oblast') i Darina ROMANYUK (Volynskaya oblast')

68 kg
1. Yelena SAYKO (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast')
2. Yekaterina MOSKALEVA (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast')
3. Ul'yana KLYAPKA (Kiyev) i Dar'ya REGIL' (Kiyev)

80 kg
1. Galina KOVAL'SKAYA (Odesskaya oblast')
2. Nataliya PILIPENKO (Kiyev)
3. Darina STAROVOYTOVA (Volynskaya oblast') i Ol'ga KLIMYUK (Volynskaya oblast')

+80 kg
1. Anastasiya SAPSAY (Cherkasskaya oblast')
2. Marina YAKUBETS (Chernigovskaya oblast')
3. Miroslava TSIGOLKO (Volynskaya oblast') i Kristina GASHENKO (Kiyev)

48 kg
1. Vitaliy TERENT'ÊV (Nikolayevskaya oblast')
2. Adrey MIKHAYLOVICH (L'vovskaya oblast')
3. Yuriy ZAYVELEV (Kiyev) i Denis KOSTYUKOVICH (Volynskaya oblast')

52 kg
1. Grachik OSIPYAN (Donetskaya oblast')
2. Denis ARTYMCHUK (Odesskaya oblast')
3. Yevgeniy CHEPURNOY (Kiyev) i Vitaliy DOBRYANSKIY (Zhitomirskaya oblast')

57 kg
1. Aleksíy POLTAVTSEV (Donetskaya oblast')
2. Maksim BELEVTSOV (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
3. Aleksey SLESAREV (Odesskaya oblast') i Safgulu KHALILOV (Khar'kovskaya oblast')

62 kg
1. Vasiliy ONUFRAK (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast')
2. Aleksandr VOROPAYEV (Odesskaya oblast')
3. David OSIPYAN (Donetskaya oblast') i Ivan PILIPYAK (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast')

68 kg
1. Dmitriy YEVDOSHENKO (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
2. Mikhail SATS (Volynskaya oblast')
3. Aleksandr MOISEY (Zaporozhskaya oblast') i Igor BURYY (Chernigovskaya oblast')

74 kg
1. Dmitriy BABIYCHUK (Khmel'nitskaya oblast')
2. Aleksandr BRUS (Khmel'nitskaya oblast')
3. Vladislav DIDENKO (Vinnitskaya oblast') i Niko SADZHAYA (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast')

82 kg
1. Aleksey NIZHENKO (Chernigovskaya oblast')
2. Dmitriy STETSENKO (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
3. Yuriy POZHAR (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast') i Maksim MAGDENKO (Zaporozhskaya oblast')

90 kg
1. Viktor MAKUKHA (Kiyev)
2. Semen RAKITA (Zaporozhskaya oblast')
3. Igor KNYSH (L'vovskaya oblast') i Roman KONTAROVSKIY (Khar'kovskaya oblast')

100 kg
1. Andrey BOLOBAN (Cherkasskaya oblast')
2. Aleksandr MINDYLA (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
3. Yaroslav RYTKO (Nikolayevskaya oblast') i Daniil BILOUSOV (Kiyev)

+100 kg
1. Sergey ZVEREV (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast')
2. Kirill BILETSKIY (Donetskaya oblast')
3. Roman GOROSHKEVICH (Volynskaya oblast') i Nikolay SHITS (Volynskaya oblast')

Combat Sambo
48 kg
1. Daniil MUDRAK (Vinnitskaya oblast')
2. Yuriy ZAYVELEV (Kiyev)

52 kg
1. Denis ARTYMCHUK (Odesskaya oblast')
2. Vitaliy DOBRYANSKIY (Zhitomirskaya oblast')

57 kg
1. Andrey KUCHERENKO (Kiyev)
2. Bogdan BABENKO (Rovenskaya oblast')
3. Mikhail CHERVENCHUK (Vinnitskaya oblast') i Vladislav KOKHNENKO (Odesskaya oblast')

62 kg
1. Aleksandr VOROPAYEV (Odesskaya oblast')
2. Roman YATSEVICH (Odesskaya oblast')
3. Dmitriy CHEREDNICHENKO (Zhitomirskaya oblast') i Vladislav BOVA (Kiyev)

68 kg
1. Bachuki BAGISHVILI (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
2. Sergey BOBYR' (Chernigovskaya oblast')
3. Sergey RUSINKO (Odesskaya oblast') i Roman LAVRENYUK (Odesskaya oblast')

74 kg
1. Vladislav RUDNEV (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
2. Artur VOROB'YEV (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
3. Aleksandr TSARENKO (Zhitomirskaya oblast') i Vadim BURCHAK (Rovenskaya oblast')

82 kg
1. Dmitriy BATOK (Kiyev)
2. Yuriy OSIPENKO (Khar'kovskaya oblast')
3. Maksim KOLMAKOV (Kiyev) i Andrey SHABALIN (Kiyev)

90 kg
1. Petr DAVYDENKO (L'vovskaya oblast')
2. Denis TKACHUK (Odesskaya oblast')
3. Aleksandr NIKONYUK (Kiyev) i Sergey VYSOTSKIY (Chernigovskaya oblast')

100 kg
1. Vitaliy CHEBAN (Odesskaya oblast')
2. Roman TROKHIMCHUK (Donetskaya oblast')
3. Daniil BILOUSOV (Kiyev) i Yuriy KOS'KIN (Volynskaya oblast')

+100 kg
1. Razmik TONOYAN (Kiyev)
2. Yuriy ZAKHARETS (Rovenskaya oblast')
3. Fedor REPKOV (Volynskaya oblast') i Aleksandr VARICHENKO (Kiyev)

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