Masters remembered Mladost

6 October 2013 Sergei Grishin
Masters remembered Mladost

SAMBO World Championship among masters was taking place during two days, on October 5 and 6, in Bulgarian Burgas. More than two hundred of age SAMBO wrestlers from 15 countries of the world tried their strength on the carpets of the Mladost Sports Complex. According to the results of the competition Russian sportsmen showed the best results, second best – are the representatives of Kazakhstan, and a team "bronze" went to the Ukrainian team.

In addition to the named teams, SAMBO wrestlers over 35 years old from Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, USA, Uzbekistan and France took part in the tournament. In this case the struggle in the individual competition was the most uncompromising. The results of this struggle, contained in the protocols of the SAMBO World Championship among Masters-2013, are presented on the FIAS website.

M1 62 kg

M1 68 kg

M1 74 kg

M1 82 kg

M1 90 kg

M1 100 kg

M1 +100 kg

M2 62 kg

M2 68 kg

M2 74 kg

M2 82 kg

M2 90 kg

M2 100 kg

M2 +100 kg

M3 62 kg

M3 68 kg

M3 74 kg

M3 82 kg

M3 90 kg

M3 100 kg

M3 +100 kg

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