• “M.Burdikov Memorial” was held for the second time in Kstovo

“M.Burdikov Memorial” was held for the second time in Kstovo

24 August 2017 Sergei Grishin
“M.Burdikov Memorial” was held for the second time in Kstovo

The International SAMBO tournament “M. Burdikov Memorial” was hosted from 21 to 22 of August in Kstovo, Russia.  This year the second edition championships gathered 220 SAMBO athletes from 10 countries: Belarus, Germany, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and, of course, Russia.

“For all SAMBO athletes it’s an important start, which serves as a preparation step for other tournaments, including World Championships. As for us it is a significant event, the whole national Russian SAMBO team takes part in the competitions, - said the President of All-Russian and European SAMBO Federations Sergey Eliseev. – Here, athletes can meet not only their future rivals on the mat and compete for the title of the winner, but also after the tournament they have an opportunity to stay on an international training camp, where they can exchange the experience”.

Many sambists took advantage of this opportunity. After the tournament, the participants spent three training days in World SAMBO Academy training sport camp in Kstovo. According to the organisers, the International SAMBO tournament “M. Burdikov Memorial” became the visiting card of Kstovo. Due to the work of the legendary coach, the city is considered as one of the world SAMBO centers.

Mikhail Gennadievich Burdikov is an honored coach of Russia, Honored Worker of Physical Culture, honorary citizen of Nizhny Novgorod region and the founder of World SAMBO Academy, where competitions are held in his memory. Mr Burdikov is one of the SAMBO enthusiasts who devoted his entire life to his favorite sport, creating and promoting the World SAMBO Academy. As a coach, he trained 6 Honored Masters of Sports, 16 international Masters of Sports and 83 Masters of Sports of the USSR (Russia).

«Мемориал Бурдикова» во второй раз прошел в Кстово

The winners and the medalists of the 2017 “M.Burdikov  Memorial” International SAMBO tournament are as follows:


48 kgs

1. ABBASOVA Leila (Belarus)

2. GORELIKOVA Anna (Russia)

3. ECHEVSKAYA Anastasia (Russia)

3. LOTKOVA Vera (Russia)

52 kgs

1. RIABOVA Diana (Russia)

2. MOLCHANOVA Maria (Russia)

3. ZHARSKAYA Marina (Belarus)

3. DANILOVICH Ksenia (Belarus)

56 kgs

1. KAZENIUK Tatiana (Russia)

2. BELYKH Anastasia (Russia)

3. SHUIANOVA Tatiana (Russia)

3. RAIKOVA Svetlana (Russia)

60 kgs

1. MUKHTAROVA Gulfiya (Russia)

2. PCHELINTSEVA Arina (Russia)

3. KAZANOI Kristina (Belarus)

3. PROKOPENKO Ekaterina (Belarus)

64 kgs

1. OSTER Victoria (Russia)

2. ANISIMOVA Valeria (Russia)

3. ONOPRIENKO Ekaterina (Russia)

3. MATSKO Ekaterina (Belarus)

68 kgs

1. ZHILINSKAYA Anzhela (Belarus)

2. SHATRAVSKAYA Regina (Belarus)

3. MARTYNOVA Yuliya (Russia)

3. GRISHINA Liudmila (Russia)

72 kgs

1. NAMAZOVA Olga (Belarus)

2. AMBARTSUMIAN Galina (Russia)

3. FILIPPOVICH Anastasiya (Russia)

3. LISHCHENKO Tamara (Russia)

80 kgs

1. KAZANTSEVA Natalia (Russia)

2. AMBARTSUMOVA Daina (Russia)

3. KONDRATIEVA Maria (Belarus)

3. TIMOSHENKO Svetlana (Belarus)

+80 kgs

1. MOISEENKO Elizaveta (Belarus)

2. TIPCHUK Daria (Russia)

3. LUKASHOVA Nadezhda (Russia)

3. KALIUZHNAYA Ekaterina (Belarus)


52 kgs

1. ONDAR Artur (Russia)

2. TLISHEV Kharun (Russia)

3. KUBARKOV Andrey (Russia)

3. YAVRUMIAN Rudolf (Russia)

57 kgs

1. KHERTEK Sayan (Russia)

2. BURDZ Vladislav (Belarus)

3. BEKETOV Tolobek (Russia)

3. BEGLEROV Igor (Russia)

62 kgs

1. BAGDASARIAN Ruslan (Russia)

2. TUTKHALIAN Vae (Belarus)

3. GLADKIKH Pavel (Belarus)

3. DUGIEV Mikhail (Russia)

68 kgs

1. BONDAREV Aleksandr (Russia)

2. KOROLEV Denis (Russia)

3. MEZHLUMIAN Gaik (Russia)

3. ERNAZAROV Sarbon (Uzbekistan)

74 kgs

1. POPOV Stepan (Belarus)

2. KAZARIAN Samvel (Russia)

3. SNEGOV Nikita (Russia)

3. SAIFUTDINOV Yury (Russia)

82 kgs

1. KURZHEV Ali (Russia)

2. IVANOV Maksim (Russia)

3. ULIAKHOV Aleksandr (Russia)

3. LOMAKIN Aleksandr (Russia)

90 kgs

1. RIABOV Sergey (Russia)

2. STEPANKOV Aleksey (Belarus)

3. EGOROV Roman (Russia)

3. RUMIANTSEV Pavel (Russia)

100 kgs

1. OSIPENKO Victor (Russia)

2. PEVNEV Aleksandr (Belarus)

3. KASHURNIKOV Mikhail (Russia)

3. DZHIKIYA Beka (Russia)

+100 kgs

1. OSIPENKO Artem (Russia)

2. TUNAKOV Aleksandr (Russia)

3. SARIBEKIAN Pavel (Russia)

3. TACHKOV Ivan (Russia)

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