• FIAS International Seminar for SAMBO Coaches was held in Colombia

FIAS International Seminar for SAMBO Coaches was held in Colombia

21 July 2021 Aleksandr Solomahin
FIAS International Seminar for SAMBO Coaches was held in Colombia

Following the Pan American SAMBO Championships, which took place in Colombia from 16 to 18 July, the FIAS International Seminar for SAMBO coaches wishing to get an international license was organized in Villavicencio. It was attended by 22 trainers from 8 countries of the region (Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, Guatemala, USA, Honduras, Dominican Republic).

The role of the coach is irreplaceable in the life of athletes, and he must share his knowledge with them. The beginning of the seminar, which was held under the guidance of Dmitry Maksimov, FIAS Sports Director, was devoted to the theoretical part, where reports were presented on anti-doping, the FIAS database and on the classification of SAMBO techniques.


Knowledge of and compliance with anti-doping rules and regulations is the most important aspect of sports activities today. That is why FIAS provides extensive anti-doping education for sambists around the world, helping them to understand their rights and responsibilities in doping-free SAMBO. During the workshop, the new anti-doping rules, as well as all applicable international standards, were explained to the participants in the two main languages of the Pan American region: English and Spanish.


The rest of the time the coaches practiced on the mat: belaying, throws, technique in a prone position – these and other techniques were honed before the upcoming exam. The next day, after a day full of theory and practice, it was time for the exam. 15 techniques were demonstrated by each of the participants of the seminar, after which a test took place for knowledge of SAMBO theory.


“The format of the seminar provides for a rather tough work regime, but in two days all aspects were considered and the subtleties in SAMBO technique and terminology were analyzed in detail. I think we can confidently expect good results from the participants! I believe that this area should be developed most actively, because an increase in the number of qualified coaching staff will have a positive effect on work within the continental federation and on the development of SAMBO in general,” said Mikhail Kozitsky, chairman of the FIAS certification commission at this seminar.

One of the seminar participants Robert Clark (USA) also shared his opinion:

“I am glad to be present at this seminar, for me it is a great responsibility, and for a long time I haven’t worried as much as during the exam (laughs)... This is a very good idea and I hope that such events will be organized not only in the southern part of our continent, but and in the north too…"


The seminar coincided with a historic event for the whole world of SAMBO: the International SAMBO Federation obtained full recognition from the International Olympic Committee. FIAS specialist in relations with national SAMBO federations of Pan America Oleg Artemyuk congratulated the participants on this event and wished, in the light of the opening prospects, to be more actively involved in the world of SAMBO and to show all efforts to promote this sport in their countries.

“In Colombia, we managed to hold the fifth at total and third this year FIAS international seminar for SAMBO coaches. Specialists who successfully pass the exam will receive an international trainer license. It should be noted that the interest in certification was to the taste on the Pan American continent, and it was here that there was an urgent need for information and exchange of experience... One way or another, the process has begun, and the pace will only grow, and we are waiting for new participants at our seminars", - Dmitry Maksimov commented on the results of the event.

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