International seminar sports judges

12 August 2012 Sergei Grishin
An International Seminar Sambo judges was held from 8 to 13 April in Greece, Kallikratia, (Thessaloniki). The seminar was held by FIAS under the leadership of the Chairman of the International board of Judges Mr. Vasily Perchik. During the week specialists of sambo judicial manpower mastered knowledge and skills in such a difficult but very important element of Sambo. 46 referees from 13 countries took part at the seminar. Geography of the seminar is very wide. There were representatives from Russia, Greece, Germany, Japan, France, Georgia, Bulgaria, Armenia, Morocco, U.S.A, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Turkey. During the workshop participants mastered the basic provisions of the rules of Sambo, reviewed the various disputes that are not so rarely happens in the fighting. After the seminar, all judges test their knowledge and skills on the exam. The exam consisted of 2 parts - the practice (physical qualities) and theory (the test from 90 questions). Result of the week judicial training - increasing the knowledge, practical skills, as well as the level of physical training of our judges. In the near future we will be able to see the fruits of this academic work in the official competition of FIAS. Judge is an essential element of sambo holiday called "competition". And we hope that this seminar was another step to decorate this holiday.
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