• International Sambo Tournament Held in Italian town of Cinisello-Balsamo

International Sambo Tournament Held in Italian town of Cinisello-Balsamo

14 June 2023 FIAS
International Sambo Tournament Held in Italian town of Cinisello-Balsamo

The first international SAMBO tournament in the history of the Italian city of Cinisello-Balsamo was held on May 28. Sambists from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and France took part in the competition with the poetic name "Città di Cinisello Balsamo". Medals were raffled off in Sport SAMBO among men and women, as well as in Combat SAMBO among men.


“This was the first international SAMBO tournament in the new format, since just a few days before the competitions the Italian Federkombat federation received the status of the National Sports Federation for the Olympic sports of Kickboxing, Thai boxing and SAMBO. Officially, this happened on May 23, 2023 – an unanimous decision was made at the General Assembly of the National Olympic Committee of Italy,” said Roberto Ferraris, head of the Federkombat SAMBO committee, Secretary General of the International and European SAMBO Federations.


Among the distinguished guests at the tournament were representatives of local authorities – Mayor Giacomo Ghilardi, as well as councilors Riccardo Malavolta and Daniela Maggi. The top sports leadership was represented by the national vice president of Federkombat Marco Bertoletti, the national manager of the Muay Thai sector Davide Carlot, the president of the regional committee Federkombat Giuseppe Del Gaudio and the FIAS and ESF segretary general Roberto Ferraris.


During the opening ceremony, a commemorative plaque of the event was given to Mayor Giacomo Ghilardi, to Ivan Netov, president of the referee commission of the European Sambo Federation, and to the president of the club organizing the event, Diego Brambilla.


Many athletes managed to prove themselves in competitions. The Genoese Salvatore Sammiceli was remembered for his brilliant performance in the Combat SAMBO tournament in the weight category up to 64 kg. He won the "gold", overcoming the resistance of two French athletes on his way to the medal, and the Italian finished both bouts before the 5-minute limit.


The hosts of the tournament also became gold medalists in several weight categories in Sport SAMBO: Alaa Rastellaqa won in the weight category up to 71 kg, Vincenzo Potenza excelled in the weight up to 88 kg, and Federico Cavanna was the strongest in the heavyweight category over 98 kg.


In women's competitions, the victory of multiple world championship medalist Katerina Moskalova, who plays for the Romanian national team, but lives and trains in Italy, should be noted. The sambist from the Milan club Isao Okano Club 97 won first place in the category up to 72 kg.


The current vice-champion of Europe from Bulgaria Ivan Harkov also showed an exemplary performance. He had no equal in the weight category up to 79 kg in Sport SAMBO.


The champion of Italy in SAMBO in the weight category up to 88 kg Stefano Dattilo lost in the fight for the "gold" at the international tournament, becoming only the second. Also, the silver medal was in the piggy bank of Mattia Canevaro – he climbed to the second step of the podium in the category up to 64 kg. A number of Italian sambists managed to win bronze medals: Stefano Avella (up to 58 kg), Baccino Luca (64 kg), Rogero Giulio (79 kg) and Marco Doda (88 kg).


The French “Sambo Jonage” club won the team event, their compatriots from the French Federation of Wrestling and Associated Disciplines took the second place, then the Italian club Isao Okano Club 97 and the French club Team Sambo Fighter were settled.

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