International SAMBO Tournament Held in Larnaca

5 July 2022 Aleksandr Solomahin
International SAMBO Tournament Held in Larnaca

More than 250 young sambists from 4 countries took part in the International SAMBO tournament, which was held in Cyprus. The venue for the competition for athletes aged 8 to 18 years from Greece, France, Israel and Cyprus was the multi-purpose social welfare center of the municipality of Larnaca.


Competitions among young sambists are always distinguished by vivid emotions and sincerity of all participants – starting with athletes on the mats, continuing with coaches nearby and ending with parents in the stands.


According to the organizers of the tournament in Cyprus, it was the same this time: the sambists met in uncompromising fights, their mentors passionately prompted their pupils, and friends and relatives staged a multi-hertz noise support.


“This tournament has become another important international event organized by the Cyprus SAMBO Federation, which is aimed at popularizing SAMBO and Cypriot sports, and also helps to develop sports tourism in our country. I would like to express my gratitude to all the participants of the competitions, as well as to the sponsors who provided great assistance in organizing this event,” said Marios Andreou, President of the Cyprus SAMBO Federation.


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