• "Querétaro 2019" Open SAMBO Tournament Held in Mexico

"Querétaro 2019" Open SAMBO Tournament Held in Mexico

4 April 2019 Aleksandr Solomahin
"Querétaro 2019" Open SAMBO Tournament Held in Mexico

Approximately 100 sambists took part in the first "Querétaro 2019" Open SAMBO Tournament that took place on March 15-16 in Santiago de Querétaro. The hall of the Parque Querétaro 2000 Sports Complex  became the venue for the competition of sambists from 9 teams representing 7 states, the capital of Mexico, and the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico.


The senior referee of the tournament that was attended by both adult athletes and cadets, was Maya Almendarez. The tournament was organized by the Querétaro State SAMBO Association headed by President Francisco Roque, with the support of the National SAMBO and Combat SAMBO Association.


'This tournament has become one of qualification stages for the national SAMBO team of Mexico that will take part in the next international starts,' stated Antonio Ramirez Rebollar, President of the National SAMBO and Combat SAMBO Association. 'We've got an idea to stage these competitions on a yearly basis and invite athletes from all over the Americas to participate in them.


The next key competition of the Mexican sambists is going to be the National SAMBO Championships that will take place on May 17-18 in Mexico City. The venue for the tournament is chosen to be the Sports Hall of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, which is considered the largest one in Latin America by the number of its students.


Winners of the "Querétaro 2019" Open SAMBO Tournament (adults)


48 kg – Nicohl Gomez

52 kg – Casandra Martinez

56 kg – Diana Mateos

60 kg – Vivian Leonor

64 kg – Madai Salgado

68 kg – Natalia Morales

72 kg – Alicia Martinez


57 kg – Imanol Rodriguez

62 kg – Ivan Guerrero

68 kg – Jesus Suastegui

74 kg – Juan Polanco

82 kg – Juan Salinas

90 kg – Jesus Martinez

100 kg – Sergio Barajas

Combat SAMBO

57 kg – Imanol Rodriguez

62 kg – Sergio Martinez

68 kg – Jorge Loza

74 kg – Luis Bañuelos

82 kg – Daniel Vazquez

90 kg – Ricardo Cocoletzi

100 kg – Arnulfo Otero

+100 kg – Gerardo Martinez

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