• Paraguay adds “self-protection without arms” to one's armoury

Paraguay adds “self-protection without arms” to one's armoury

31 May 2014 Sergei Grishin
Paraguay adds “self-protection without arms” to one's armoury

Cesar Chu, head of Pan-American Sambo, visited Paraguay with a working visit. Sambo-related meetings and negotiations were organized by Daciano Ojeda Maciel – President of the Sambo Federation in this country.

In the course of the working tour Cesar Chu held not only official meetings and negotiations. President of the Pan-American Sambo found a moment for the practical aspect of the matter as well – Caesar conducted a workshop for sportsmen in Paraguay. Among official matters one should mark out the meetings of the Head of the Pan-American Sambo with the management of the Federal Police, Paraguayan Ministry of National Defense and managers of the Paraguayan Ministry of Sports.

“We can evaluate the level of the support given to the Sambo development in the country, as unprecedented”, comments Ceasar Chu on the situation with the Sambo development in Paraguay, “The youth starts going in for Sambo with pleasure, the number of trainees grows in clubs, and in the nearest future Sambo will be the required course for recruits in the Federal Police and some special military units of the Republic of Paraguay.”

We would remind you that the Paraguay team made its début in the Pan-American championship just a year ago – in 2013. In spite of such short history this sport won popularity and love in the country, and, above all, – it won young hearts and minds. So, nowadays Paraguay joins the impressive list of the countries which defense and law enforcement agencies support the FIAS plans for adoption of Sambo as a compulsory discipline in their education programs.

“This is a positive situation. But the training of qualified coaches becomes the main matter at present. It will guarantee that Sambo will “strike roots” in the defense and law enforcement agencies. It is impossible to arrange the skillful and effective training without proper specialists”, comments Andrew Moshanov, Head of Development of the FIAS, upon the situation, “At the present time the FIAS Commission on Sambo Development in Police and Army holds negotiations with some specialized educational institutions of the Pan-American Region. We plan to make a scientific breakthrough in this area by the end of this year and form a firm basis for the process of education of instructors in sports and combat Sambo as both general-purposed and special for defense and law enforcement units and agencies”.

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