• World SAMBO Championships in Riga: day three, the final one

World SAMBO Championships in Riga: day three, the final one

12 August 2012 Sergei Grishin
On the final day of the Championships in Riga representatives of three weight classes in each age group competed for medals. For Boys they were wrestlers of 56, 70 and 87kg classes. Girls decided medals in 48, 60 and 75kg. Junior Men in 54, 74 and 100kg, and Junior Women had a contest in 52, 64 and 80kg. What was this competition day like in the Riga Olympic Sports Palace? The bout in Junior Men 57kg was full of intense moments. A minute and a half before the end of the bout the Georgian wrestler Vakhtang Chidrashvili was ahead of his rival the Mongolian Raakhanjav Tsedentsh 3:1 thanks to a back throw worth 1 point and an overhead throw worth 2 points. However, the Mongolian wrestler snatched the initiative and reduced the advantage by 1 point by a grape-vine from inside. And then, through agressive pressing, earned 2 warnings and 3 points, respectively. In the end, the overall victory and another gold medal for teamMongolia. earning Mongolia another gold medal. Debreliev Miroslav from Bulgaria won the gold in Junior Men 100kg. His rival, Ilya Lukashuk from Russia, entered the bout with serious hand injury and understandably was unable to carry out the bout at full strength. Had SAMBO awarded a fair play prize it would have went to Miroslav, who helped his opponent get back into stand after each phase of wrestling, by extending his hand to Ilya. In the end, a victory with 1:0 score and sincere respect from the spectators and athletes. Overall the Bulgarians won two gold medals on the final day of the Championships. A signature name for SAMBO - Emelyanenko - was pronounced during the awards ceremonies in Riga Olympic Sports Palace. Anna Emelyanenko from Russia won gold in Junior Women 64kg, defeating Aidana Yeleussinova in the Final with 2:0 score. The Russian sambo wrestlers won three other gold medals that day. Tatiana Tokts from Belarus had a very bright final bout: impressive grape-vine from inside worth 4 points, followed by a hold down meant 8 points in her favour, and then an attempt on submission hold. The submission did not work out, there was not enough time left in the bout. The Belorussian celebrates the victory over Moldavia’s Ekaterina Kretsu. And, naturally, one cannot overlook the silver medal by the Latvians, the Championships’ hosts, which, to the pleasure of local organisers and fans, was won by Vyacheslav Romanenko in Boys 87kg weight class.
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