• Fedor Emelianenko – SAMBO Ambassador at II SportAccord Combat Games

Fedor Emelianenko – SAMBO Ambassador at II SportAccord Combat Games

28 September 2013 Sergei Grishin
Fedor Emelianenko – SAMBO Ambassador at II SportAccord Combat Games

Just a couple of days are left to the opening of II SportAccord Combat Games in St. Petersburg. The SAMBO ambassador at this prestigious combat and martial arts festival is Fedor Emelianenko, a four-time world champion in SAMBO and multiple planet champion in mixed martial arts. Today Fedor Emelianenko – a legend and an ornament to SAMBO –celebrates his birthday. On behalf of the whole Sambo family we would like to congratulate Fedor on this special occasion and wish him and his family light, warmth, health and prosperity.

For certain, all SAMBO fans have seen Fedor’s performance and have admired his amplitude throws, spectacular submission locks and powerful strikes more than once. Today we offer you an opportunity to have quite a new view of the SAMBO legend. Here is a brief selection of his quotes which, hopefully, will reveal new facets of the Sambo star’s personality to you.

About work

“The body is like a well. The more you draw from it, the more adds. Then at competitions you fight easy. One cannot slack training and be a champion.”

About fighters

“Fighters are not born. There is predisposition in character, yet I believe fighters are made.”

About pre-start condition

“I don’t’ wind myself up before competitions. I just think of nothing, I try to concentrate, bring all my qualities – strength, endurance, everything – to the top, compose my mind. I don’t think of anything, I go fighting.”

About losing

“He never rises that never falls.” On penalties “The Lord disciplines those he loves.”

About aggression

“I am a peaceful person. I feel no aggression even in fight. It clouds the mind. I come to the mat to fight, not to kill.”

About evil

“Evil shouldn’t be given way to. If evil is wrought nearby, one should interfere with it. Sometimes evil can only be stopped by force. But on the whole, I try solving everything by words.”

About drawings

“Most of all I am diverted by… child drawings. Say, my daughter asks to draw Winnie-the Pooh for her. I take a pencil and start drawing. My thoughts are elsewhere. Considering all interruptions, each drawing takes about three weeks. I took to drawing after military service. I even used to draw at trainings.”

About women

“I believe that a woman should give love and the good… And today women demand to be paid deference, given expensive presents, and so on. In my opinion, a woman herself should love and be an example to her husband and children.”

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