Nice to meet you! Lora Fournier

23 September 2013 Sergei Grishin
Nice to meet you! Lora Fournier

Full name: Lora Fournier

Country: France

Date of birth: 29.04.1990

When did you start practicing SAMBO: 2011

Sporting achievements in SAMBO:
2nd place in Universiade in Kazan, 
Vice-champion 2013 of Europe,
3rd place on World Championship-2012.

1. What brought you in SAMBO? Why did you start practicing this martial art?

The opportunity to compete on the international level, wide range of techniques and work in par terre stimulated me to practice SAMBO. Additionally, not many people know about SAMBO, so all French SAMBO sportsmen are a united group.

2. Why have you chosen SAMBO? How does it differ from other martial arts?

It much more free, than, for example, judo. Very intensive and tactful, SAMBO attracted me by its completeness. We practice also a little combat SAMBO on trainings to add contact hooks, it contributes much to development.

3. Are there many sportsmen involved in SAMBO in your country?

There are about 3,000 licensees in France. This is a good beginning, but we definitely have a room for improvement in comparison with 600,000 licensees on judo!

4. Do people in your country, which are not intrerested in sports, know about SAMBO? Is it covered in the media?

SAMBO is little-known in France. When I say, that I practice SAMBO, there is very often such reaction, “Oh, do you dance Sambo?”. And I have to explain that it is a Russian wrestling, judo version “a-lya-rus”, more free.

5. What achievement do you consider most important? What tournament was the most memorable?

I think that the result, that very impressed me, is my third place on the World Championship in 2012: at that moment I understood that I have a potential to win the Gold more like in SAMBO, but not in judo. There was a defining moment: from that time I began to work out more, because I know that wonderful medals within my grasp!

6. Is there any moment in your sport career that you regret till know?

I regret nothing, I live every moment of my life, every time I try to do something better than previous one. And I enjoy fughting very much. I will get it through in that day when it does not afford me pleasure!

7. Who is your main fan?

A friend of mine, sportsman Samanta Le Kogen, I am her fan as well! She showed me SAMBO, she is always near me to support me. We go through different moments together on various competitions.

8. Where do you work out? What conditions for training do you have?

I work out in Montpellier together with Guillaume Alberty. I work out every evening, 2 times in judo, 2 times in SAMBO, and cardiovascular training or weight training. I have continuous access to the training hall, furthermore, public stadiums are very suitable for exercises. I go the training hall to my fitness coach Munir Mu to do weight trainings.

9. Did you use SAMBO techniques in everyday life? How do you resolve conflicts?

No, I have never applied force. When I say that I practice judo or SAMBO, people promise not to irritate me! Seriously, I do not like conflicts, so I try to avoid them in my communication! If a conflict arises, the word is the best weapon.

10. What would you tell about SAMBO to a person who never heard of it before?

Everyone knows about judo, so I often say, “It is like judo, but it is more free and cheer!”

11. Do you have a sporting dream? What is it?

I would like to hear Marseillaise on the SAMBO World Championships…But if it is unsuccessful, I will implement my dream in my everyday life combining sports activities of high level with my study to be an engineer.

12. What do you do besides SAMBO? In your real life?

I am a final-year student (5 course) of the Engineering school and study chemistry there. My studies take much time.

13. Do you have any hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?

When I have spare time I go to the beach to surfboard or to the mountains – to ski and to snowboard. But judo and SAMBO are my basic hobbies, I devote them much more time!

Prepared by Sophiya Ryazanova and Aleksander Solomakhin

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