• FIAS Safety Recommendation Due to the Spread of COVID-19 Worldwide

FIAS Safety Recommendation Due to the Spread of COVID-19 Worldwide

9 March 2020 FIAS

Due to the aggravation of COVID-19 in the world, FIAS consider it necessary to introduce additional health and sanitation measures at all international sambo competitions.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, in most European countries, there have been recorded the cases of infecting with this dangerous disease. People in more than 100 countries have already been infected with COVID-19. Several world and non-governmental organizations, including health organizations, have begun to use the word (pandemic) instead of (epidemic). This means that the situation is complex and not controlled and has reached a massive international scale FIAS Medical and Anti-Doping Commission introduces additional requirements for participants in international sambo competitions and other FIAS events. Please pay attention to following recommendations:

Recommendation to organizers of SAMBO tournaments

Recommendation to national SAMBO teams

The following sites remain the best sources of the latest information:

Coronavirus 2019 – (from World Health Organization - WHO)

Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) situation reports – (from World Health Organization -WHO)

Travel restrictions, flight operations and screening – (from SOS International)

Destination List – (from Centers for Disease control and presentation (CDC))

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