• Results of the Sambo World Cup first competition day in Minsk

Results of the Sambo World Cup first competition day in Minsk

12 February 2015 Sergei Grishin
Results of the Sambo World Cup first competition day in Minsk

The first competition day of the Stage of the World Cup “Belarus Open Sambo Championship for prizes of the President of the Republic of Belarus” has already became history. You can find the names of all champions and prize-winners of the Minsk tournament first day and learn about gold-medal winners’ emotions and impressions of the fight.

Leila Abbasava (Belarus), golden medal, 48 kg weight category

“It’s my first international competition this season. I have cured my injury, and therefore, I missed the Stage of the World Cup in Kazakhstan. Is familiar environment pressing? No, I think it’s just the opposite. I felt relatives and friends’ support. Today there are many spectators at the sports palace, which is also motivating. The final was rather difficult from the psychological point of view: my teammate Anfisa Kapaeva was my opponent, she is younger, but less experienced. However, in such situations remaining on edge is important; you shall not think that your opponent is weaker. This moment may cost you a victory. During our training, when fighting with Anfisa, many tricks came out very well, and perhaps I felt responsibility for the results of the fight. Therefore, I avoided experiments and used proven things – my favorite throw over the back from the knees.” 

Ivan Aniskevich (Belarus), 1st place, 62 kg weight category, sports sambo

“Coaches gave me clear instructions for this final. They said that my opponent grabs the upper hack with his left hand, and throws a pickup. We ‘took him to pieces’, made a meeting plan that I managed to fulfill. I tried to take my hack and attack, and I tried to be the first when I missed it. Our plan proved to be right; I could fulfill all coaches’ recommendations, I tried hard, and now I am satisfied with the result. I was sure that I will win - any fighter goes to the mat to win. I am not an exception. And the audience was supportive, too. Strangely enough, I was only the seventh at Belarus World Cup 2012, familiar environment was pressing. And I was so relaxed here, at this tournament.”

Asylbek Alkey (Kazakhstan), golden medal, 74 kg weight category, sports sambo

“It was more difficult at home at the World Cup (World Cup Stage for the prizes of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbaev, 1st place). For me, it’s much harder to fight at home, it’s such a responsibility. And here I fought for pleasure. I lost 5-6 kg, it’s normal, I am used to it, sometimes it’s more, although I try to maintain 78-79 kg. Arman, my opponent during the final (Kazakhstan), is the World Cup’s silver prize-winner, the champion of Asia in 68 kg weight category. I fought with him in the final of the Kazakhstan Championship, and my victory was almost obvious. Today I tried to throw, but it was hard, of course. We have known each other for 10 years and fought together all the time. I failed in throwing, therefore, I used tactics to fight, and won during the hacks. Honestly, I am not tired. I am ready to fight tomorrow in the 82 kg weight category, I have a feeling that I need a bit more fighting, but I’m not allowed to (smiling). It was very nice to realize that there are two our guys from Kazakhstan at the victory podium. Now competition is quite tough, sparring is strong. Therefore, results are getting better.” 

Yury Rybak (Belarus), golden medal, 100 kg weight category, sports sambo

“Aleksandr Medvedev, our sports legend, three-time Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling, great man, gave me prize today. I believe such people shall not only be respected and praised, but we also have to tell to the world: “Look, this man is our hero, our summit.” It’s not the first medal I got from his hand, I have lost count, but it’s so exciting and touching. I have this tournament’s medals in my collection, but golden medal is something different. Medals are different, each one has its own shade. I do not think that I am a senior fighter (36 years old). In fact, I think that heavies can fight easily until they’re 40. The problem is different. We need more sparring; if there is sparring, fight is different. And now, reactions are the same, it’s rather complicated, such a situation prevents technical growth. What’s next? This year is unique, including the European Championship and European Games and the World Cup. However, we have to move further.”

Results of the World Cup first competition day in Minsk


48 kg

Abbasava Leila Belarus

Kapaeva Anfisa Belarus

56 kg

Valova Anastasia Russia

Hondiu Daniela Romania

64 kg

Matsko Tatsiana Belarus

Shatrauskaya Rehina Belarus

72 kg

Volkova Olesia Russia

Ambartcumyan Galina Russia

+80 kg

Maiseyenka Yelizaveta Belarus

Leonidze Irine Georgia

Men, sports sambo

52 kg

Kubarkov Andrey Russia

Totoev Richard Russia

62 kg

Aniskevich Ivan Belarus

Khusravov Khushkadam Tajikistan

74 kg

Alkey Assylbek Kazakhstan

Sarsenbin Arman Kazakhstan

90 kg

Kazusionok Andrei Belarus

Konovalov Anton Russia

+100 kg

Men, combat sambo

68 kg

Babayev Abdulla Turkmenistan

Kruhov Dmitry Belarus

82 kg

Filomenka Siarhei Belarus

Masalski Pavel BelarusKatser 

Evgeniy (Belarus)

​Madaminov Javlanbek (Turkmenistan)


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