• Ruth MONTERO: “I Fought not Only for Myself, but Also for my Country”

Ruth MONTERO: “I Fought not Only for Myself, but Also for my Country”

24 July 2019 Anton Orlov

Dominican sambist Ruth Montero showed the best result at the Pan American SAMBO Championships, which was held in her homeland. First, she won the gold medal in the weight category up to 72 kg in competitions in Sports SAMBO among women, and a day later she repeated her achievement in competitions in Beach SAMBO. In an interview for the FIAS website, she told what motivated her for such achievements, and what discipline in SAMBO she prefers more.

“I was actively preparing for this championships, I was very motivated, as I fought not only for myself, but also for my country. At home, it is always easier and more pleasant to perform, supporting of the fans always helps. When there are so many people behind your back, you simply have no right to lose,” the Dominican sambist noted.


According to Montero, she was wary of the idea of ​​fighting on the beach.

“While preparing for a Beach SAMBO competitions, I thought it would be difficult, because it is harder to keep balance on the sand, but I still managed to win. If to choose between these two disciplines, then perhaps I like Beach SAMBO more,” Ruth Montero said.

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