• Leidy MONSALVE: “There is no Room for Error in Beach SAMBO”

Leidy MONSALVE: “There is no Room for Error in Beach SAMBO”

18 July 2019 Anton Orlov
Leidy MONSALVE: “There is no Room for Error in Beach SAMBO”

Colombian sambist Leidy Monsalve won a bronze medal in the weight category up to 72 kg among women at the Pan American Beach SAMBO Championships, which was held on Boca Chica Beach in the Dominican Republic. In an interview for the FIAS website she shared her impressions of Beach SAMBO and compared it with Sport SAMBO.

“It was my first participation in the Pan American Beach SAMBO Championships – and immediately a bronze medal. This is a very interesting sport, because there is no room for error in Beach SAMBO. There is only one chance – after that you either win or lose. This is different from Sport SAMBO,” the athlete said.

Monsalve also became the owner of the bronze medal at the Pan American SAMBO Championships among women.


“For a start, this is a good result, but not a great one, because every athlete can only be truly happy with victory. Nevertheless, today's bronze gives me a good motivation to fight for the first place next year,” the Colombian said.

Fighting in Sport and Beach SAMBO, Leidy Monsalve had the opportunity to compare competitions in both disciplines.

“I really liked the Beach SAMBO championships, but Sport SAMBO is closer to me, because, even conceding in the long run, you can beat an opponent, because 8 points is a big distance. And in the life, in my opinion, it has a more applied aspect,” Monsalve said.

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