• The “Potapov Memorial” will be held on the Russky Island

The “Potapov Memorial” will be held on the Russky Island

9 April 2018 Aleksandr Solomahin
The “Potapov Memorial” will be held on the Russky Island

The “Potapov Memorial”, an international A-category SAMBO tournament, will take place on April 21-22 in Vladivostok. The Universal Sports and Recreational Centre on the Russky Island will become the venue for the competitions. Sambists who take part in the tournament will have a chance to score their qualification points for the II European Games in Minsk.

According to the “Potapov Memorial” organizers, in the days of the competition, the athletes will be provided with board and lodging funded by Primorski Kray local government. The board and lodging expenses of the coaches will be incurred by the sending organizations (at the price rate of 1200 rubles per capita per day for twin-bedded accommodations, no board included).

The transportation and accommodation will be provided only for those teams that would confirm their participation in the tournament. Please, send your applications to the following e-mail: potapov2018vl@mail.ru

The provisional rosters for passing an access commission (electronic form) must be submitted to the chief secretary of the competitions Denis Vyshegorodtsev by April 16: sambist@list.ru

The tournament details and all the necessary documents can be found on the event page of the FIAS website calendar.

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