• Sambo in the 4th Europe-Russia Economic Forum New Development Scenarios

Sambo in the 4th Europe-Russia Economic Forum New Development Scenarios

28 November 2014 Sergei Grishin

Yesterday, in Milan (Italia), the Europe-Russia Economic Forum New Development Scenarios  started to work where new trends and prospects of relationship development of the Russian Federation and European Union in the framework of new economic and politic reality will be discussed. Besides important politicians and business persons, Sergey Razov, the Russian Ambassador in the Italian Republic, Vasily Shestakov, the President of International Sambo Federation (FIAS) and State Duma Deputy, and Enzio Gamba, the Olympic champion in judo and the Head Coach of the Russian national judo team, took part in the Forum work.

Vasily Shestakov, the President of the International Sambo Federation (FIAS), made a speech to the Forum participants as it was last year. “With great pleasure I want to inform you that Mr. Vincenzo Trani (Chairman of the Board of the Italian Holding General Invest) and I made an agreement on the realization of new sambo self-financing project. At the first stage of this project, we will create the sambo sport clubs network. First clubs will be opened in Europe, and then in other continents as well. This sport clubs, basing on experience and analysis of this Forum, will build a financial politic to provide its financial freedom. In other words, we begin to follow the recommendations of our Forum practically.”

“I think sambo must use the experience of such an international forums to create some financial background for its development”, carried on the President of the FIAS.

“We are equal all. Without sport, in complete meaning if this word, the quality of people’s life is lower. Strengthening body, sport makes our souls less withered”, Shestakov terminated his speech.

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