• SAMBO in program of Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan

SAMBO in program of Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan

1 August 2012 Sergei Grishin
A little more than one year is left before Summer Universiade 2013 starts in Kazan, Russia. During this year Kazan Organizing Committee in cooperation with representatives of FISU (the International University Sports Federation) will have to do everything they can for the city's sport infrastructure to reflect the spirit of university competitions to the maximum possible extent. All of 27 sports from Kazan Universiade program at the current stage of preparation are notionally divided into 4 blocks. The second block includes SAMBO, FILA wrestling, belt wrestling, judo, weight-lifting, and gymnastics. The FISU has delegated the leaders of technical committees of these sports to visit Kazan in the end of April for the scheduled inspection. The delegate representing judo and SAMBO in FISU is nothing less than FIAS Executive Director Sergey Tabakov. He has participated in preparation and hosting of Universiades 2009 in Belgrade (Serbia) and 2011 in Shenzhen (China), and this experience will undoubtedly provide a competitive benefit for SAMBO at Universiade 2013 in comparison with other sports. For five days in April Sergey Tabakov and his colleagues from other sports have been inspecting, discussing, assessing everything related to the Games - starting from the uniform of referees in the competition area to the position of the host broadcaster's main camera in the sports hall. Several major technical documents were signed during the visit. The matters of competitions schedule, transportation services, communications with television and media were discussed in details. The most important issue is the place of competitions. Each small matter is strictly defined, accounted and binding here in order for the hall to be most functional, appealing and convenient and for it to be true to such bright sport event as the Universiade. Here are a few words about the sports hall, by the way. As of July 2013, university SAMBO, exactly as judo, is temporarily hosted by TATNEFT Arena. It is in this arena that judo competitions will take place on July 7 - 11, and then TATNEFT ARENA takes a small time-out for 2 days and comes back on July 14 with three days of SAMBO competitions. TATNEFT ARENA is a home of "Ak Bars" - Russian ice hockey club, able to accommodate 10,000 spectators. It was built by Finnish company in one year, and its opening on August 29, 2005 was celebrated by the performance of a legendary "Scorpions" group. The arena offers comfortable modern locker rooms with shower stalls, sauna and laundry rooms for the athletes. The arenas are equipped with the air treating units which automatically maintain the preset temperature parameters. Spectator area is equipped with soft and comfortable chairs, and during the breaks guests are welcomed to modern cafes and restaurants. Through the scenic windows of the Arena visitors may enjoy picturesque view opening to Kazanka River and historic part of Kazan Kremlin. "I can safely say that the arena hosting sambists competitions is unique. Everything in it - infrastructure, atmosphere, and team - brings the tournament to the highest level. Speaking of the team, there is an interesting thing about it. Tagir Minnikeev, TATNEFT ARENA's chief engineer, turned to be a sambist. Isn't it a gift for university SAMBO? We still have a year ahead, and our fans' sector already growing… However, it's a small lyrical digression. The most important thing I'd like to highlight is that right now Kazan has everything for celebration of sport and SAMBO within the scope of Universiade", Sergey Tabakov comments on the results of his visit to Kazan. Of course, the certainty of such experienced professional of university sports assures us, SAMBO fans. The athletes only have to train hard to get through to the Universiade, and the coaches have to be patient and devote every bit of themselves to their trainees. As for SAMBO officials, they on their part will do everything to perfect the technologies of our sport to make it even more interesting and modern. Natalia Yukhareva press-service of FIAS
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