SAMBO chooses “Spartak”

6 April 2013 Sergei Grishin
SAMBO chooses “Spartak”

How can SAMBO be connected with basketball? They seem to be completely different kinds of sport that never intercross. However, the point of their contact is not only found but the date when it would be possible to make a start is also set. In October a special basketball complex BC “Spartak” will be the arena for SAMBO competitions within the framework of II SportAccord World Combat Games in St. Petersburg (Russia). By this time the construction of the sports complex will be finished, and SAMBO will be one of the first kinds of sport to give a house-warming on St. Petersburg arena.

A few days ago, Sergey Tabakov, technical delegate from FIAS, appreciated the preparation of this one and other projects of the upcoming Games for carrying out the competitions. The representative of the International SAMBO Federation arrived in St. Petersburg upon the invitation of II SportAccord World Games Directorate. Besides visiting the basketball complex “Spartak”, he managed to visit the Ice Palace, where the solemn Opening Ceremony of the Tournament will be held, as well as to discuss the details of the Regulations and technical issues of the future Games in the conference hall of the “Pribaltiyskaya” hotel which will become a home to SAMBO athletes from different countries for the time of the competitions.

As for the hall designated for SAMBO athletes, builders are meanwhile running the show there –finishing works are carried out in the basketball sports complex “Spartak”. However, now we can estimate how comfortable it will be for the competitions. The complex is located in the western part of the Krestovsky Island and adjacent directly to the area of the stadium under construction “Zenit”. 7,000 spectators will be able to watch the competitions in the main hall from the stands. In breaks between fights, they will have the opportunity to look into the museum of the local basketball club, have a snack at the restaurant or arrange shopping in sports goods stores. SAMBO athletes, in their turn, will be able to prepare for performances in a huge educational and training hall of the complex – so big that it hosts two training basketball courts. A swimming pool, saunas and gyms are at SAMBO athletes disposal. It should be noted that, besides SAMBO athletes, the basketball sports complex was taken fancy to, representatives of taekwondo, karate and wushu – competitions in these sports will also be held in “Spartak” within the framework of the II SportAccord World Combat Games.

Besides that in November in the Sports Complex “Spartak” the organization of the World SAMBO Championship is planned. In the same time there will be the report and electoral Congress where the President’s regular election and the election of the Executive Committee will take place.

– I was really delighted with this hall. Its level is seen well now – at the stage of finishing works. A video cube, warm-up halls, equipment in the rooms – all the details are thoroughly thought. I’m sure it will be a cozy place for both athletes and spectators, – Sergey Tabakov, FIAS CEO, shares his impressions.

According to his version, FIAS representative’s present visit of St. Petersburg was as if “fitting”. As early as on April 16-19 technical delegates of all 15 international federations of Martial Arts, participating in the II SportAccord Games, will gather in the city on the Neva, to examine all the competitions objects thoroughly and discuss various details of the preparation of this important international event. The most interesting details of the meeting will be on the FIAS website.

Aleksandr Solomakhin

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