• Universiade in Kazan: bronze medal winners of the third day of SAMBO competitions are determined

Universiade in Kazan: bronze medal winners of the third day of SAMBO competitions are determined

16 July 2013 Sergei Grishin
Universiade in Kazan: bronze medal winners of the third day of SAMBO competitions are determined

The third and final day of the SAMBO tournament once again proved the tendency of the modern SAMBO geography expansion. The Italian and the Lithuanian teams got the bronze and just a step away from it there are South Korea and Japan representatives.

Italy is a country where SAMBO is known and loved, and the european and world medals of the "weak" half of its national SAMBO team have become habitual. Universiade is a special event, and it wil not do without mentioning of Italy in the final protocols of SAMBO tournament. In the weight category of 68 kg Giulia Aragozzini in the fight against the Mongol Bold Munkhtsetseg made the rear backheel from the "gadavlya" capture, kept on hold, and then made a hand painful hold, winning "bronze" of the student competitions for her country.

Spectators always welcome eagerly the heavyweight fights. There is something fascinating and attracting in the struggle that is demonstrated by these powerful and technically skilled warriors. Such two warriors, skilful, as well as athletic, met in the small final today on "Tatneft-Arena" mats. Lithuanian Zilvinas Zabarskas and Israeli Gregory Rudelson. At the very beginning of the fight Zilvinas made an excellent side undercut of 2 points, one more point he earned due to his activity and with a final score of 3-1 brought the first medal of the Universiade SAMBO competitions to his team.

But Jeon Hopyo could not do the same for his team - the team of South Korea. With a minimal advantage of 1 point he lost to the Armenian Hakob Arakelyan. The winner could get his "bronze" due to clear and highly skilled hook from the inside, which he accomplished at the start of the fight.

Also on step away from the medal stopped the Japanese Yasutaka Takamori, who was unable to supplement the receptacle of his national team, that already has 2 glittering awards of a high order. The Belarusian Tsimafei Yemelyanau showed the flawless and bright fight in this small final. Amplitude and technically difficult throw "mill", and then a painful hold allowed him to raise his arms in triumph and look forward to the evening in order to climb to the cherished podium of the Universiade.

So, here are the bronze medalists of the Universiade SAMBO tournament on the second day of the competitions:

Women: 56 kg - Gergana Vatsova (Bulgaria) and Amarjargal Tumurbaatar (Mongolia), 68 kg - Giulia Aragozzini (Italy) and Dildash Kuryshbaeva (Kazakhstan), 80 kg - Haruka Murase (Japan) and Yekaterina Kaliuzhnaya (Belarus).

Men: 62 kg - Arthur Te (Kyrgyzstan) and Artiom Nacu (Moldova), 82 kg - Mher Karapetyan (Armenia) and Tsimafei Yemelyanau (Belarus), + 100 kg - Zilvinas Zabarskas (Lithuania) and Hakob Arakelyan (Armenia).

Now there remain the last moments of the SAMBO tournament at the Universiade. The six final fights are to be held at "Tatneft-Arena", after which this Universiade will already become history for sambists. SAMBO fans still have the opportunity to enjoy the interesting SAMBO fights of the highest level. Watch the final matches online on FIAS website, and you will know who will be the winner of the Universiade. The following athletes will compete for the first places:

Women: 56 kg - Laure Fournier (France) and Anastasia Arkhipova (Belarus), 68 kg - Louiza Gainutdinova (Ukraine) and Marina Mokhnatkina (Russia), +80 kg - Anastasia Kovyazina (Russia) and Kessler Dacunha (Argentina).

Men: 62 kg - Bagdat Zharylgasov (Kazakhstan) and Khlybov Ilya (Russia), 82 kg - Kiryukhin Sergey (Russia) and Niko Kutsia (Georgia), +100 kg - Alexander Kuchumov (Russia) and Razmik Tonoyan (Ukraine).

Prepared by Natalia Yukhareva and Alexander Solomakhin
Photo by Renat Mizunov

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