Guatemala is getting to know sambo

31 March 2016 Sergei Grishin
Guatemala is getting to know sambo

On Saturday, March 19, at the sports hall of the Judo Federation of Guatemala was held a sambo familiarization workshop under the leadership of the coach René Monge Córdova. This event can be considered a first step towards the emergence of new sambo instructors in the country who will facilitate the active dissemination of this sport in Guatemala.

"These seminars allow us to meet with the heads of the different clubs that could develop sambo and be registered with the National Association of Sambo of Guatemala. Thus, we can coordinate our efforts so that more people get engaged in sambo", - says the president of the Sambo Association Alberto Xón Chitic.

According to him, there are clubs currently registered in three cities of Guatemala but the national sambo leaders hope to increase this number in the near future. One of the ways that will achieve this will be the introductory seminars. They are planned to be held monthly.

"We are well aware that sambo is a brand new sport in our country, but despite this we are constantly moving towards the public recognition of our sport. - said Alberto Xón Chitic. - We believe that sambo classes bring great benefit to people of any age. We were able to confirm this point of view after a series of training sessions on safe falling for children over the past two years. About 1000 boys and girls took part in these sessions."

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