• Talented Sambo Athletes are Looked for in Cameroon

Talented Sambo Athletes are Looked for in Cameroon

22 March 2015 Sergei Grishin
Talented Sambo Athletes are Looked for in Cameroon

Development of sambo in Cameroon requires search for new talents, which would be capable to represent the country at international competitions. This was the idea of the representatives of the National Sambo League when organizing the workshop at the Duala Institute. In the coastal region every effort is made to ensure development of sambo, that is why instructors went here to provide training.

“Our main goal was to search for local talented athletes who would later be invited to the workshop in Yaunda to prepare for the African Sambo Championship,” told the FIAS web-site one of the workshop trainers, General Secretary of the National Sambo League Francois Nama. “Besides, our goal was also to provide detailed information about sambo to beginners who recently joined this sport, as well as to improve skills of experienced sambo athletes. The workshop also provided an additional opportunity for preparation of sambo athletes to A. Kharlampiev Memorial World Cup, which will soon take place in Moscow.”

According to Francois Nama, the workshop was attended by 35 participants. These were mainly athletes who joined sambo just several months ago, however, some of the participants had experience of many years. 

“It can be mentioned that there were rather talented athletes among them, and if the efforts in this direction continue, we are likely to have very good sambo athletes,” thinks Francois Nama. 

As regards to A. Kharlampiev Memorial World Cup, Cameroon national team will take part in sport sambo competitions among men and women. It shall be mentioned that at the World Sambo Championship in Japan, Cameroon national team was about to get the medals — Cameroonian sambo athlete was so close to the bronze medal. It is 4 months since then now…

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