• V President of the Russian Federation Cup in Sambo - Moscow, Russia

V President of the Russian Federation Cup in Sambo - Moscow, Russia

12 August 2012 Sergei Grishin
The President of the Russian Federation Cup in Sambo is one оf the major events in the official International Amateur Sambo Federation's (FIAS) calendar. Russia is a birthplace of sambo and the existence of an event that holds such a high status is a testament of support and attention paid by the state to the national sports discipline. Let us remind you that the competition was established by the President of the Russian Federation Decree in 2006 and the prestigious trophy was first awarded to the winners - team Russia - in 2007. The leading teams from the world standings - Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Ukraine and Russia - earned the right to compete for the President of the Russian Federation Cup in Sambo. How does a sambo team event look like? It could somewhat aggressively be called all against all. The tournament is opened by "kids" (52 kg) and ends with giants who weight more than 100 kg. "Team competition combine all the best things in sport: intensity, passion, drive. It is a team event, in which every athlete defends not only his own status, but also the honor of the team, that fully reflects everything that attracts us to sport: competitive spirit, strive to win and passion, which athletes pour into their bouts. Today we witnessed a marvellous sports show. I think that team event format is the future of modern sport," - believes the President of the FIAS Vasily Shestakov. The sambo wrestlers indeed displayed engaging and spectacular wrestling. Team Belarus met team Russia in the Final. The Russians defeated the experienced Belorussians with 8:1 score and earned the right to raise the President of the Russian Federation Cup above their heads. The line up of the Russian squad was Valery Soronokov (up to 52 kg weight class), Roman Kozlov (57 kg), Alexander Pankov (62 kg), Sergey Shibanov (68 kg), Uali Kurzhev (74 kg), Vladimir Prikazchikov (82 kg), Alsim Chernoskulov (90 kg), Artem Osipenko (100 kg) and Mikhail Starkov (+100 kg). In the consolatory final team Georgia confidently defeated the wrestlers of Bulgaria (7:2) to win the bronze medals. The prestigious team event is over, the winners celebrate their victory, the defeated analyse the causes of their failures. But none of them ceases to train; already in June Kstovo (Russia) will host the Team World Cup, the first one in the history of modern sambo. This is the next stage, another challenge for the national teams.
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