• International FIAS Coaches Seminar was held in the Netherlands

International FIAS Coaches Seminar was held in the Netherlands

12 March 2024 FIAS
International FIAS Coaches Seminar was held in the Netherlands

The International FIAS SAMBO Coaches Seminar took place on March 3 in the Netherlands. About 30 specialists from 9 countries were trained under the guidance of FIAS Executive Director, Professor Sergey Tabakov. The seminar took place in Dalfsen the day after the Dutch Open.


“The one-day format of the seminar required very intensive work by all participants. In a short period of time, coaches had to complete a training course to pass the exam to obtain a qualifying coaching degree of the 1st level. The task of a mentor here is not so much to teach, but to infect with the desire to seek, develop and learn. I am glad that all participants were open to new knowledge and committed to fruitful work, which brought them the desired result,” Sergey Tabakov noted.

Trainers from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Iran, Latvia, Morocco and the Netherlands attended the seminar.


“During the event, we were once again convinced that in SAMBO there are no boundaries either by age or by country. Among the participants were both active young athletes and experienced coaches from different countries. They were united by a thirst for knowledge and new experience. I would also like to highlight the interest of many participants in applied SAMBO – techniques that can be taught and used for self-defense on the street,” Tabakov added.


The FIAS Executive Director also noted the level of organization of both the seminar itself and the Dutch Open tournament as a whole. According to him, the organizing committee did a great job, creating the most comfortable conditions for the event participants.

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